Jedi Mind Allows Gamers To Control PC Games With Their Minds

This holiday season will be a fight for motion controllers as PlayStation launches PS Move and Microsoft launches Kinect. Both devices will have you throwing yourself around and burning calories in the process. But what if instead of focusing on movement, we simply had to focus our mind on what to do in game?

Jedi Mind - (Yes, Real company name) has been developing thought controlled technologies that allow users to interact with their PC’s and other devices through the power of

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Blacktric3019d ago

LMFAO! Emmet Brown FTW!

Menech3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

This has been around for ages... and as of yet is still lacking much practical use.

When it comes to games at least anyway the time it takes to input a simple action like moving a bolder can be done 10x quicker on a keyboard/mouse or controller.

Motion sensors are massively ahead when it comes to practical game use and immersion.

The only real area I can see it being any use for the next 20 years at least is in the disability area where motion sensing becomes completely useless.

HolyOrangeCows3019d ago

Porn would probably pop up every other minute.

Raz3019d ago

^^^ That's the answer to everyone saying 'porn would pop up every 30 seconds'. You'd calibrate your headset until it only responded to surface thoughts; the ones powerful enough to signify a conscious intent.

The subsurface thoughts would go unread, probably because the signal would be too weak. That's my theory, anyway.

They can probably tweak it a bit to respond to motor neurons, so you can gesture to help focus your thought patterns, but ultimately, I don't see this as much use until we develop neuro-haptic feedback technology to operate in tandem with thought control.

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Copyright3019d ago

Interesting idea, I wonder how much government funding they received for this?

PS3Freak3019d ago

I'm sceptic. If it works that's awesome though.

trounbyfire3019d ago

god man so much recycle stufff

lostinplace3019d ago

Mastermind Press Release went live today -

god man so many people who don't know what they are talking about

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