Best Stories in Gaming: Halo Wars

Ex: Halo Wars brings players back to the early years of the conflict and throws them into the frying pan with the rest of civilization. Though the explosive conclusion in Halo 3 with the Master Chief is exciting and fulfilling, this is by far one of the greatest struggles ever expressed in a video game.

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MMFGaming3204d ago

People always rag on Halo for having a completely retarded story. I'll have to check out Halo Wars and see if it's any different.

Neco5123204d ago

The gameplay wasn't that great, but the story in Halo Wars was awesome! the best in the series!

Nike3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

It's based on the first Covenant landing on Harvest, a vital food planet for the UNSC (which is on the brink of civil war since several separatists of the Outer Colonies are tired of the political dominance and wealth of the Inner Colonies). In the middle of this civil war, which Sgt. Johnson found himself embroiled in, the Covenant attacked looking for Forerunner artifacts but the shit hit the fan fairly quick from then on. What was discovered set up the entire Halo FPS franchise from then on. You can read more about what directly ignited the war between humans and the Covenant by checking out the Halo novel, Contact Harvest.

Halo Wars was overall a good story (arguably the best in the console series) but certainly not one of the best in gaming.

Couple of my personal faves as far as story-telling in gaming goes are:

Skies of Arcadia, Vagrant Story, Final Fantasy VIII, Deus Ex, System Shock 2, Half Life 1 and 2, Portal, The Longest Journey and Dreamfall, Call of Cthulhu, Sanitarium, I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream, Super Mario RPG, Chrono Trigger, Grim Fandango, Grandia II, Lunar Silver Star Story, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil 2, Mass Effect 1, Radiata Stories...and many many more.

@CrAppleton: I like the presentation and overall story arc of the Halo console games' stories, though they truly pale in comparison to the novels' story telling.

CrAppleton3204d ago

"(arguably the best in the console series)"

The series is pretty damn good too, so that makes it IMO one of the best out there

Double Toasted3204d ago

I'm not much of a Halo fan but what you just described sounded great and one of the best stories I've heard about in gaming...ironically.

R2D23204d ago

with a story like that how can you not make a movie.

CrAppleton3204d ago

I love the story behind Halo Wars. If it weren't for the wrapping up of the story in Halo 3, this would be the best one so far

killyourfm3204d ago

I honestly never played it because..well, it was an RTS on a console. Maybe I'll save it for a rainy day.

Queasy3204d ago

Well, it's probably the best implementation of an RTS on a console. Not that that is saying much.

toaster3204d ago

Ensemble did a great job on the controls. I game PC and when I played Halo Wars it actually felt ok to play, not all clunky and unresponsive like other console RTS's.

Ensemble is the studio behind the great Age of Empires franchise. Sad that they had to close their doors..

edhe3204d ago

Try it in coop - will make it less of a 'charge' if you can hang out withyour buddy and get some cheevs with it whilst helping eachother.

You can have one guy doing the bases with the other doing the units if you like.

Quagmire3204d ago

Mass Effect. Its like the new star wars. So much background story and side stories, and charcters/races/time periods. its amazing.

Neco5123204d ago

Seriously! That should be the next "best stories in gaming" article

edhe3204d ago

I agree - although I've not played dragon age yet.

Independent_Charles3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

mass effect1 for me is the best game i have ever played in my life, yes there was slow load times and slow loading textures in some parts but the story, the atmosphere and exploring for me made it the best game i have ever played so memorable.

BeaArthur3204d ago

Halo Wars was actually better than people gave it credit for. It told a good story and the MP is still in my regular rotation.

Independent_Charles3204d ago

year around 7000 to 20000 people play it right now, me included. that alot considering you only need to find 1- 5 people to play.

HarryMonogenis3204d ago

Halo 3: ODST also has a very gripping story line.

Spenok3203d ago

HAHAH! Lol...oh, you were serious.

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