Neocrisis: Karaoke Revolution Glee Partnership Announced

Neocrisis: Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. and Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products today announced a partnership to bring original content from the award-winning hit television series GLEE to Konami's famed Karaoke Revolution franchise. Karaoke Revolution Glee, set to release this fall on Wii™, will feature the chart-topping music and captivating performances from one of the most talked about programs of the year. The game will give fans the chance to play the ultimate underdog as they perform the songs featured on the show.

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jazzking20013201d ago

i really cant wait for this to come out

Valay3201d ago

A lot of people watch this show, but I have absolutely no interest in it.

-Mezzo-3201d ago

Same Here, infact i have only watched one episode, in which *SPOILERS* that gym trainer ask that alarmingly skinny girl to marry her. =P

dkblackhawk503200d ago

That was hilarious in my opinion.

-Mezzo-3201d ago

LOL, it just got more gayer.

dkblackhawk503200d ago

and Mezzo got smarter...say what? /sarcasm :P

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