Puzzle Platformer 'Archibald's Adventures' coming to PSP minis

Ex: Fans of indie games make know developer Rake in Grass for their horror-action PC title Larva Mortus, an enjoyable mashup of games like SmashTV and Diablo.

This morning, the company announced the arrival of Archibald's Adventures on the PSP minis platform. Previously released on iPhone and PC, the title hits the European PSN store today, and follows in North America on July 20th.

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Queasy3022d ago

hah at grandpa's jetpack wheelchair.

PSPminis needs more games at cheaper prices.

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CrAppleton3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Pretty sweet. I suppose a few more games would be nice.. how much does it cost?

killyourfm3022d ago

Not sure how much this one costs..I'll shoot an email to the developers.

MMFGaming3022d ago

Haven't had a reason to play my PSP in a while. My interest is piqued.

shadowdancer3022d ago

THIS, but not...I don't know....Peace Walker? O_o

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