Microsoft Has Forgotten About The Hardcore Gamer

I’ve been an Xbox gamer for the last 10 years. I love Halo, I used to be into Gears and I really enjoyed almost all of Microsoft’s other exclusive franchises. Lately Microsoft is really disappointing me, Kinect is focused solely on the casual gamer, they have completely left their original audience behind, the hardcore gamer.

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ElementX3022d ago

Boo hoo! Kinect is a casual periph. Cry moar!

BlackDynamite3022d ago

Yeah yeah, mama. Now you could hit the sheets or the streets, it don't make me no never mind. Now that's your bag baby, you can go, or you could come. Can you dig it?

Double Toasted3022d ago

Do we need another one of these articles? Gaming "journalism"...pfft.

FishCake9T43022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Yeah. This whole Kinect hate is getting stupid. Ubisoft devs said some while back that they are trying to have some Kinect features in Future Soldier which, last time I checked, isnt a casual game.

AssassinHD3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

The key word there is "trying" which, last time I checked, is not the same thing as "actually being in the game". They might succeed, they might not. You can't use it as an example until it is actually confirmed to be in the product.

Edit: This comment is not intended to be anti-Kinect btw. I am just anti-bad example.

R2D23022d ago

I hope that this is true! Future Soldier is my number one game on my list.

RageAgainstTheMShine3022d ago

M$ knows its days are numbered by Sony so instead it turns on the Wii market.

Kinect exclusives will out number upcoming FPS games on the 360 this year and the next. M$ will screw its loyal supporters without a second thought just for money.

ElementX3022d ago

Do you even own a 360? Why do you care? Kinect is meant to bring the casual market to the 360. What's wrong with that? Do you think every casual gamer wants to be stuck on Wii's 480p graphics? What about 360 owners who want to get their girlfriends or family involved? Why is Kinect such a bad thing?

Biggest3022d ago

Um, yes? I think that casual gamers don't give two shits about 480p or any other number with P. I think that casual gamers won't think twice about paying $199 for a system, controller, and game. I think casual gamers will think twice about paying $199 for a system, $150 for a controller, and $60 for a game. But there is nothing wrong with Microsoft going for the casual crowd. I, for one, am against Sony fully targetting the casual crowd. I saw how long it took for Nintendo to remember about gamer games. I hope the others don't don't fall asleep in the money field as well.

Sez 3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

" why is kinect such a bad thing" answer because it's a MS product. They want to give all the credit to sony for pushing the evelope. But MS deserve nothing for their effords. Just like they will say something like. " why does everyone hate on Sony" or my favorite " why do people want to see Sony fail or leave the gaming industry". Yet turn around and do the very same thing they are crying about to MS.

Immortal3213022d ago

enjoy xbl while you still can

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Omega43022d ago

Im sorry but this is getting pathetic now, just because MS wants to expand their audience everyone attacks them. Didn't everyone complain that all of MS's games are about violence and killing now that they changed that people are still complaining. Gears/Halo/Forza/Fable are still being made so what if Kinect is only for the casuals, its not like MS is disabling the standard controller for all 360's are they.

"I expected a new motion controlled version of Halo, maybe even a new first person shooter franchise. Kinect seemed to be made for the first person genre, pointing my hands in the form of a gun and busting caps was an exciting possibility."

What kinda BS is that, why would MS be so stupid to make a game like that. And who in the world would be excited bout it.

Pillville3022d ago

I remember MANY Xbox fans on this site last year after Natal was announced saying how great it going to be playing FPS with it. Hiding behind the couch for cover, pretending to throw a grenade, being able to scan in a replica (or maybe even real) gun to be used in game.

Maybe not you, but I read a lot of comments about how this was going to change everything. Those people are either still in denial or very disappointed and angry.

Most people will accept it for what it is, virtual controls for menu/media and a party game system.

SOAD3022d ago

Dude those were PS3 fanboys mocking Natal.

Pillville3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

SOAD, you're wrong. I easily found an example:

comment 5.7

psycho360 407d ago
"Imagine the COD4 sniper level and in reality you'd lie down and use virtual gun.
Man the possiblities are endless and what can we expect when Steven Speilberg is involved in some projects for it.
Yesterday was one heck of a proud moment for 360 fans after getting bombarded by ps3 fanboys for last few months about lack of 360 games for 2009.
Definately a watershed moment in 360s life."

Game-ur3022d ago

"Gears/Halo/Forza/Fable are still being made"

That’s the problem, where is the new stuff? Why abandon games like Lost Odyssey and Kemeko? Why just commission third party studios and not develop your own?

Because they spent most of the money that thing.

Wizziokid3022d ago

another pathetic Kinect article, devs had said that you will see more hardcore titles down the line, get over it and STFU.

DigitalRaptor3022d ago

That was Microsoft who said that, and I tend not to believe much of what they say.

pat_11_53022d ago

I'm really not attacking them at all, I also realize that down the line there will be more hardcore titles, I even stated that in the actual article.

I think a lot of people would be really excited about it, even an on rails shooter would be ridiculously entertaining. Imagine controlling an FPS with just your body, how is that possibility not exciting?

I also realize that those titles are still being released. I want to see these games use Kinect just like Move has been integrated into Sony's core franchises.

iistuii3022d ago

Who wants to play Gears,halo or COD with Kinect?,Lets leave the games we all love as they are and let the dev's make all new games for the casual gamer and kids. Were happy with the games and console as it is, it's the casual gamer they are targetting remember with this.

FragMnTagM3022d ago

What about people like me who enjoy all types of games casual (if they are good) and hardcore games. I have kids that play the Wii they are 2 and 3 and are getting really good at it. My 3 yr old can bowl strikes, ace a serve and box you till you are blue in the face.

I for one would love to bring my kids into HD gaming, but they just cannot use the PS3 or 360 controller as it is way too big for their hands (but they sure do try). Kinect and Move are perfect for me and my girlfriend loves the Wii, so I know she will love Move and Kinect.

What is even cooler is that I can still play my hardcore games as I have a PS3 360 and high end gaming PC rig. So no missing out on hardcore traditional controller games plus I get to spend time with the family on Move and Kinect.

Now please tell me what the hell is wrong with that?

Hyrius3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )


But don't worry hardcore gamers, Sony is here for you.

wazzim3022d ago

Sony doesn't have rights to games like Blue Dragon, Fable, Halo, Gears and Lost Odyssey :(

That's kind of the problem you know...

Pillville3022d ago

don't start a game list war. There are fanboys on both sides waiting to copy/paste their standard list of games when these discussions start.

ranmafandude3022d ago

don't get that game list war started lol.

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