Top-10 graphic fails in the first half of 2010

Videogameszone is showing the top-10 graphic fails of 2010 so far. They are including Singularity and Alan Wake as well as PS3 version of Red Dead Redemption or Final Fantasy 13 for Xbox 360.

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MariaHelFutura3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

The PS3 version of RDR isn`t that much different than the 360 version, I`ve played both on the same TV.

Graphic Fail. Crackdown 2, the game looks worse than Crackdown 1. How that`s possible, I don`t know.

piroh3201d ago

i'm glad N4G is so popular in Germany but this translation is kinda strange

mikeslemonade3201d ago

Splinter Cell, wow..., that is a fail right there. Heavy looks good but should have looked better. God of War 3, I expected it too exceed Uncharted 2 but it didn't. Mass Effect 2 does the xbox 360 justice. Alan Wake, pretty good for a 360 game. Red Dead looks alright for a sandbox game. Crackdown 2, what a freaking joke! Final Fantasy 13 looks bad on both systems and it's Microsofts fault for convincing Sqaure Enix to make it multiplatform.

Theonetheonly3200d ago

i always find this website community similar to my memories of being in elementary school.

we'd play games and make S%$t up and pick on the weaker guy and act like we were the best and take sides and pull FALSE/facts out of our ass to justify our selection on who the better group of friends was because the other group was gay. when in reality we were just a bunch of kids spouting s%^t about stuff we didn't know or understand because it was what everyone else was doing.

Any Excuse to feel superior. ps3= popular group leader 360 = less popular group leader. Fanboys= either kids groupies (Followers)

PC=daddy comes to pick them up from school

what other reason do you have to pick on an inanimate object? to feel better about your little retarded clan.

Shepherd 2143200d ago

Very well said. Bubbles to you.

Commander_TK3200d ago

Last Rebillion is the worst graphic fail in 2010.

PS3 fanboy: Wait, it´s a PS3 exlusive! How´s that possible??!!

Intelligent and open-minded gamer: Well, not everything PS3 exclusive related is god´s gift to gaming. Oh, and if u take those Sony fanboy glasses off, then it would help.

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SephireX3201d ago

FFXIII doesn't look bad on 360 when you compare it to other 360 games. In comparison to the PS3 version, it is a fail though. Some people who own bought consoles actually bought the 360 version. I can't understand these people. Maybe they think the lower resolution = better. Lol.

-MD-3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

"Some people who own bought consoles actually bought the 360 version"

I assume you meant both. I bought it for my 360 instead of my PS3 for the achievements and the controller. Also to support RPGs on the 360.

Ocelot5253201d ago

that's just dumb

inferior shadows
VHS quality cutscenes


720p gameplay
better shadows
1080p uncompressed movies

and you choose the 360?!

nickjkl3201d ago

woah ocelot when did 720p become vhs quality

besides final fantasy 13 was not all that the white engine only used 4 of the 6 spus

Ocelot5253201d ago

where do I state that FF13 has very good graphics on the PS3? I said it was much better than the 360 version but it has poor graphics when you compare it to KZ2

and btw, the cutscenes of the 360 FF13 are heavily compressed(in the dusty old bink codec) 576p quality

PirateThom3201d ago

Yeah, the 360 version doesn't even have HD cutscenes. 1080p cutscenes, 720p gameplay on PS3 vs 567p on 360 for both.

CernaML3201d ago

"and the controller."

I don't see how that 360 controller is good for anything other than shooters.

Spydiggity3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

it's a weak comparison. the game looks crap on both systems. the fact that the resolution is better and the cut scenes are a little better means very little. if he wants to play it on 360 over ps3, that's up to him...not you.

i got it for ps3 over 360 and after playing it i thought to myself, if this is the better version, i'd be scared to see it on the other system...then i did and i barely saw a difference. somewhat noticeable, but hardly a deal breaker.... FF 13 is a crappy game regardless of what platform you play it on.

and don't give me that "it gets better after the first 20 hours." it got a little better, sure. but why on earth should a person have to sit through 20 hours of a little cry baby kid and a buncha characters that make no sense go through one of the worst "turn based" combat systems just to get to a slightly better part.

lets drop the ps3 vs 360 thing when it comes to ff 13...doesn't matter which system you got it on, you got screwed.

@Cerna: that's YOUR preference. i really don't get fanboys. the way something feels to you is not how it necessarily feels to someone else. how is that hard to understand?

sikbeta3201d ago

Definitely, the x360 version of FF13 was a complete shame compared to the PS3 Version...


·Alpha Protocol was lame in both versions
·RDR, I give you that, it isn't the first time R* do a non favorable version for the PS3, they did it with GTA IV as well
·AW, Idk...
·FF13, the x360 version is completely awful compared to the PS3 version
·Dark Void, Idk, besides the game was lame, so no-1 cares
·Nier, Pffft, another lame game that no-1 cares, arguing about its graphics is a waste of time
·Pure Football?, [?]
·Sniper: Ghost Warrior, Idk
·Singularity, Idk

Newtype3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

" assume you meant both. I bought it for my 360 instead of my PS3 for the achievements and the controller. "

Are you BSing here? FOR THE CONTROLLER? Are you THAT of a delusional fanboy? The pad on the 360 SUCKS for Final Fantasy, you must be new to Final Fantasy to be playing it on the 360. I've played it on the 360 and GOD DAMN that PAD sucks ass. Feels great for shooters, but really frustrating as hell to use for Final Fantasy. Crap makes you move your thumb

Also for achievements? Have you NOT done your research? On the PS3, there's actually free unlockables that come out of getting the trophies. Achievements give you jack #&^*.

ico923200d ago

"I don't see how that 360 controller is good for anything other than shooters"

Yeah has anyone actually used the 360 controller in fighting games ? its absolutley horrible, especially in SF4

CernaML3196d ago

lmao Yeah! It's MY preference. Why are you getting your panties all up in a bunch about it? Why call me a fanboy? I was just being honest. I don't see how that controller is good for anything other than shooters. FFXIII + 360 controller..? They just don't go together. Excuse me for having a preference like YOU stated. lol

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CaptainMarvelQ83201d ago

they made crackdown 2 way too cartoony looking

gypsygib3201d ago

I definitely agree that Crackdown 2 should be on there, it looks like crap but PS3 RDR deserves a spot on that list too, it is noticeably worse looking and sub-HD.

RonRico3201d ago

way better than than the last GTA and everybody thinks that game looked good for some reason.

ranmafandude3201d ago

how is it possible for a sequel's graphics to look worse than it's predecessor?isn't the game like 3 gigabytes in size that's the smallest dvd game i ever heard of lol.

Kleptic3201d ago

haha thats not much more than FFVII on the PS1...

Buller_Proofish3200d ago

only two cutscenes might have something to do with it lol.

gtamike3201d ago

crackdown 2, any Halo and games running HD as low as 500p range

SOAD3201d ago

Halo games look really good. Low resolutions, yes, but the game looks great.

MysticStrummer3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Gotta love it when people say "graphic fail" about a game when a side by side comparison is needed to see the difference, as in most 360/PS3 multiplats. PS3's RDR should not be on this list and neither should Alan Wake. My God, Google... get a new translator.

ElementX3201d ago

I don't mind the Crackdown 2 graphics. So many haters don't even own it but they comment based off of reviews and screen shots. It's not a beautiful game, I'll give you that, but I like the cel-shading even if it is simplistic.

scar-leg3200d ago

My girlfriend's brother has it, and when I was round there, he was playing it. I have to say I was shocked at the graphics. It felt like the PS2 days :P

gypsygib3200d ago

Or maybe rentals and demo's proved the graphics are arse.

HolyOrangeCows3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Alan Wake's resolution (960x540) was just pretty much a few pixels away from being SD. I don't care if it had 4xAA, that's like giving a ps2 game 4xAA.

Pretty sad, considering it's an exclusive.

palaeomerus3201d ago

It's really stupid that you say stuff like that.

320x480x2 is NOT a few pixels away from 960x540, Alan Wake's main frame buffer is 960x540 but it does a LOT of post with that, does more lighting than most other games, and best of all, Alan Wake doesn't look ANYTHING like a PS2 game. Anyone who says it does is a freaking brainwashed idiot who probably never even looked at it.

Sony3603201d ago

This is the dumbest, most ignorant post I've read all week.

Bobbykotickrulesz3201d ago


Yours is the second dumbest lol. I kid I kid. You're actually pretty neat.

Arnon3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

Dear god. Someone who actually knows a thing or two about technology. I'm glad to see that there are people out there who have actually experienced Alan Wake and can say, with assertion, that they know how the game looks and it looks gorgeous.

Alan Wake supports some heavy post processing effects, as well as 4xAA and quite possibly, the best lighting a game has ever achieved on consoles.

IRetrouk3200d ago

yeah some of it looks good, but the graphics on things like wheelbarrows and other game funiture was low texture and poly count, i have compleated the game and i loved it, but it had its flaws, lets not make it something its not.

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Denethor_II3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

I bought Red Dead for my 360 and compared it to my brothers on PS3, there is quite a difference in visual quality in favour of the 360.

Cueil3200d ago

it's mostly in the amount of objects and the lack of shadows on some things

lonix3200d ago

on the rdr project is a xbox fanboy

lh_swe3197d ago

No, but you are one :D.

They optimisied the engine for the 360, because it was the easiest then they tried to change and tweak to try and optimise it on the PS3, no doubt a very difficult process and viola problems arose.

MariaHelFutura3201d ago

The 360 version of RDR definitely look better, but not that much better that`s all I was saying.

Sony3603201d ago

The difference between both platform's RDD is greater than FF13, yet we don't stop hearing about FF13.

Funny that isn't it.

Biggest3201d ago

First you say "This is the dumbest, most ignorant post I've read all week." Then you say what you just said. What you said is the dumbest, most ignorant post you've read all week.

Odin7773200d ago

@ mikeslemonade Seriously? FF13 is one of the best looking games out on either console. I guess that's your opinion though...I'll just leave it at that.

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Quagmire3201d ago

I, Quagmire hereby sentence all articles with the title containing the following "THE TOP" - followed by any number, banned and/or ignored by N4G and its users.

All those in favour, say "I".

All those oppose, say "I HATE VIDEO GAMES" #1

RealityCheck3201d ago

Ideally there should be a news section for actual news and announcements. As an option, there could be a section for blogs and opinion pieces. All these "TOP X" articles would fall in the opinion pieces section.

Personally, I would rather just read news and announcements.

DelbertGrady3201d ago

If the link reads " +" you know what to expect.

Kleptic3201d ago

totally agree...these things are getting beyond lame...

90% of E3 coverage of actual gameplay clips and things came from Germany?...everything over here was the big sites doing interviews; all with the same questions...and showing us nothing we cared about...this generation seems to be the end of gaming media...its little more than a joke any more...

caladbolg7773200d ago

That it's going to be in German?

bjornbear3201d ago

they are pathetic. surprised im here now!

Spenok3200d ago

I think people make these list because everyone doesnt want them, yet they still look at them anyways.

scar-leg3200d ago


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halojunkie3201d ago

Final Fantasy 13 for Xbox 360 and singularity

muDD3201d ago

Is Alan Wake a graphical failure?? this world is full of weirdos....

kneon3201d ago

Perhaps it's because it was over-hyped beyond all reason as a graphical masterpiece.

Silentmerc3nary3201d ago

Alan Wake is gorgeous. Back off its nuts.

kneon3201d ago

I never said it looked bad, there was just no way for it to live up to the graphics that people were claiming we would see.

The Dark Knight3200d ago

only if we had more games like alan wake insted of the same FPS bs we get. I mean i thought this was next gen, when is gameplay going to be next gen insted of graphics?

Independent_Charles3201d ago

alan wake is a really good game andhas graphics to suit