$35.82 - 13 Month LIVE Gold Card w/ FREE Shipping!

A price war is currently going on between Walmart and Amazon over Xbox LIVE 13 Month Gold membership cards. Amazon is matching the price over at Walmart, but adding free shipping to boot! Also, no tax (Except KS, ND, KY, WA)...

Check it out....

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Islandkiwi5395d ago

You can use these for renewals, right? I'm tempted to buy one for when my Live account comes due in November.

bung tickler5395d ago

and if i add it rightaway will it go into effect after my current year is done?

slargent5395d ago

Yes... you can buy it and it will add 13 months to your current Gold Membership. You can even buy multiple and stack them into the future...

no_more_heroes5395d ago

Is the $35.82 the price you pay when you buy it from the store? When you get it do you have to pay anything else when signing up? (I've never used xbox live before. I don't know how this thing goes).

jsuch20025395d ago

once you buy from store you are good to go on live. Its a very good deal dude

Ace Killa 085395d ago

this deal is worth it if ur cheap like me 35 buck for 1 year of xbox live when u go to ebgames or game stop its like 50 bucks also free shipping and handleing and no tax soo yeah if ur ganna order online go to amazon no walmart cuz walmart will be a total like 45 bucks and yeah amazon is a real money saver.