Schafer working on downloadable XBLA/PSN games?

Tim Schafer has suggested that he's currently working on a downloadable game for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, saying that he's "very interested" in the idea of releasing a downloadable title and that his next game won't be a "big monstrosity" like Brutal Legend.

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Quagmire4160d ago

I kinda wish he made Brutal Legend 2, coz the game was mad fun. However, it works well all on its own. Maybe a side story set in same world?

Darkstorn4160d ago

Brutal Legend was a good game, it simply had some clunky elements. In addition, it was marketed as a hack n' slash adventure, when instead it had strong RTS elements. People just weren't expecting the game to be so different.

logikil4160d ago

All I can say is God I hope so. Tim Schafer and his crew are funny as hell and always original. I just started playing Brutal Legend and it is definitely a different kind of game.

Rich16314160d ago (Edited 4160d ago )

This guy makes some of the funniest and quirkiest games out there, kind of like a video game designer version of Tim Burton. Unfortunately Brutal Legend and Psychonauts didn't sell well, and two duds in a row ain't good. Best of luck to him and his Double Fine crew though whatever it is they are working on, cause they were fun games that I got a kick out of. Anyone who digs metal music needs to play Brutal Legend, so many hilarious in jokes and Easter eggs.

trounbyfire4160d ago

publishers won't let tim make games and so now forced to make downloadable games

HA HA tims games flop more than world cup players

4160d ago
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