Hooked Gamers: Sorcery preview

Hooked Gamers writes: "There are also shape-shifting spells that can, for example, turn the player into a rat. This can be used to squeeze into places a human being would not be able to access, possibly leading to hidden items and locations. Other creature forms will open up other types of gameplay and new possibilities. I just hope I can be a giant eagle and latch my talons in some dumb creatures head to toss it into a lake of fire created by my hand. Is that slightly morbid and possibly demented? Yes. But that is what will make Sorcery a great game: how you deal with your foes is entirely up to you."

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Quagmire3113d ago

Its funny how if you slap on the Harry Potter title, it has the potential to become the best licensed video game ever, with innovate use of the PlayStation Move wand.

RageAgainstTheMShine3113d ago

Highly Anticipated exclusive game! I hope Sony make this as a killer app.