David Jaffe discusses 'serious' games

David Jaffe has said he feels a lot of PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 games have a "seriousness" about them he's looking to avoid with Twisted Metal.

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Cevapi883044d ago

i found TM: Black very fun and at the same a very serious game...the PS1 classics that he made were more about the crazy fun you can have with your friends...hopefully he incorporates some serious themes into the game....idk how you couldnt when the face of the game is Sweet Tooth

Shang-Long3044d ago

i love when i can laugh in a game.
example uncharted 1.2 R&C

infamous. was fun but very serious, tho

dizzleK3044d ago

the joker is a meme that needs to die already.

Cevapi883044d ago

ouch man.....sad day.....sad day....

RageAgainstTheMShine3044d ago

The Joker on Twisted Metal!!! on the Clown side

and Harley on the Doll side ....will be epic!