Activision should be a more loved brand than they are

Eric Hirshberg will become Activision's new CEO in September and one of his first missions will be to repair gamers' perception of the publishing giant.

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Quagmire3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

This guy should take over Kotick, coz Kotick really should get back to work in hell, heard its a mess down there without him.

rroded3018d ago

i doubt hes the only douchbag at Activision

one things for sure the new ceo has a lot of work ta do if hes going to try n restore their image

T9X693018d ago

Probably not, but I bet hes the #1 person behind the milking of almost every franchise they have, seeing how he is a money hungry bastard.

Yi-Long3018d ago

... Bobby and Activision are the cancer of the videogame-industry, and are the prime example of everything that's wrong with this generation of gaming!

Nihilism3018d ago

"kotic is sad but
i doubt hes the only douchbag at Activision "

So true, he is just the friendliest face out of all the douchbags there...and considering his evil grin and dollar sign eyes, I can't fathom the evil behind him.

FreeFalling3018d ago

I don't really care what's behind Activision, I just buy the games that I want/like. If they're published by Activision, then so be it.

RememberThe3573018d ago

If Activision is on the case I will not pick the game up. I'm done supporting a company that doesn't value it's consumers.

moparful993018d ago

So you like to buy games like modern warfare 2 that is as broken as any game I can remember? If you like throwing your money at companies like that and telling them its ok then I sense your house is full of faulty products..

Forbidden_Darkness3018d ago

I bet Activision paid C&VG to write this LOLzers

It honestly wouldn't doubt me at all

UnKnOwN-pRoPhEcY3018d ago

the reason i don't care for activision as a company any more is because they got so greedy. they got a little success and now are exploiting it. cod4.. great game! got a map pack with 4 or 5 new maps for $10!! Activision recently released the second map pack with 3 new maps for $15.. so that's 6 new maps for $30?!?!? I have to admit that I did make the mistake of buying the first one.. and unfortunately my close friends who play MW2 (which is now only one of my friends) bought it before I could share it with him.. so he actually paid for it too! they definitely need to do something different with that company.. maybe a new CEO would help...?.... not gonna hold my breath...

DORMIN3018d ago

They better start making this overpriced BS free, especially if they want to 'repair my perception".

thebudgetgamer3018d ago

the first game i ever bought with my own money was an activision game

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The story is too old to be commented.