TIMJ Review: Mount & Blade Warband

Back in 2001 Armagan Yavuz and his wife started to work on a game simulating massive medieval battles in their own garage. That was the original Mount & Blade. During the following nine years the game has grown into a niche with an extremely dedicated fanbase, not to mention a very creative modding community.

The studio (Taleworlds Interactive) grew as well, while still remaining relatively compact; with the help of an actual publisher the small but very productive wargame publisher Paradox Interactive improved the production values, leading to the release of Mount & Blade: Warband at the end of march, this year.

Mount & Blade: Warband is a mix between a RPG and a strategy game, but is also unique in many ways, so it’s not easy to make it fit comfortably in a single category. Being an independent game released by a small Turkish developer it’s quite probable that a sizable percentage of our readers never heard about it or its predecessor.

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