How to Determine If Your Child is Addicted to Video Games

Associatedcontent: Video game addiction is a scary thing and with the popularity of video games and other technology today, it's something that parents need to take seriously.

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WildArmed3023d ago

Could start by checking his bookmarks and history while browsing..
Does he have N4G set as one of them?
Is N4G set as his homepage? (or her)
Does he spend more than 10mins on N4G a day?

Most of us take 10 mins to write the first comment of our 20 comments a day xD *jk*

xtremexx3023d ago

got a faster way

1.take console
2.see if they cru
3.if they cry and moan and run around then there is problem

WildArmed3021d ago

*tries that on his 12 year old nephew*
oh boi oh boi! :D

dizzleK3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

does he rant or speak in slang about "noobs" or getting "pwned"? is he pale and withdrawn due to lack of sunlight and sleep due to frequent night terrors about "xbots" breaking in and stealing his playstation? does he twitch and act jumpy around the 12th of each month when the "npd numbers" are due in? does he hide centerfolds of master chief with hearts drawn around them under his mattress? he may be a gamer! get that bedlamite to an alienist posthaste!