BioWare responds to Dragon Age II hate

"People appear to be acting as if the scant details we've revealed are all they'll ever learn about the game ever, and they're thus required to render judgment immediately," he says.

"You're really not. You might, in fact, want to see exactly how we're implementing these features you dislike and seeing for yourself whether they differ from, say, Mass Effect's. There are similarities, of course, but there are also differences."

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T9X693202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

Wah wah wah, everyone was complaining how Mass Effect 2 looked more like a 3rd person shooter before it was released, and look how that turned out, fucking brilliant. Bioware knows what they are doing, the game doesn't even come out till next year and we saw zero gameplay, so shut it.

EDIT: If your going to ignore my comment, then why did you click reply? Instead of just posting your own comment?

Noctis Aftermath3202d ago

I'm just going to ignore ^^

Anyway, i will quote a bioware forum user(MFCell) who asked a really good question.

"Why Bioware, WHY, do you think Starcraft 2 is a nearly EXACT replica of Starcraft 1? Why, also, does Starcraft 2 not feature the VASTLY popular "Heroes" aspect from Warcraft 3? Because Bioware, just like DA and ME, while Warcraft and Starcraft are VERY SIMILAR, they are also very different. It is those differences which define the two games. Not the similarities. By establishing an IP vastly different from the ME one, you created something very similar to the Starcraft/Warcraft duality. You must NOT close the gap betwen the two franchises, instead, you must ESTABLISH the gap between the two."

I really hope that they don't try to make it too similar to ME and have significant graphical improvements over those released shots because the game looks terrible with only 8 or so months till release.

Cevapi883202d ago

EA is the publisher, Bioware is the dev....i think that EA isnt giving Bioware the time to implement everything it wants into the game due to short timetables to release upcoming games

Conloles3202d ago

Bioware always make good stuff I for one trust them.

Megaton3202d ago

Er... I agree Mass Effect 2 was brilliant, but that doesn't change the fact that it really was way more of a TPS than an RPG. It's a legit critique of the game.

LeBart3201d ago

Yeah, I loved Mass Effect 2 but it's simply not an RPG.
Same thing with Dragon Age 2, maybe it will be amazing, but I don't like what I'm seeing so far.

SOAD3201d ago

It was still very much an RPG. They just made the combat a larger part of the game, and the combat involves shooting.

ReservoirDog3163201d ago

It really wasn't actually. God it was really good but GTA SA was more of an rpg than ME2. I personally don't care as long as it was as good as it was but it dropped a lot of the rpg elements.

Blacktric3201d ago

I never liked Mass Effect 2's gameplay choices. I love the story and I finished the game multiple times like I did with Mass Effect but I just don't like that dumbed down leveling system. Some say "it was a streamlined system because with the leveling system in the first Mass Effect, when you give 1 point to a skill it was raising its effectiveness by %1 or so. But in Mass Effect 2, it's the way it should be etc." I personally don't agree with this and I hope they don't choose this kind of way for Dragon Age 2.

R2D23201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

WTF. Its called Role Playing Game and not, its my turn then your turn.

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ClownBelt3201d ago

WOW! T9X69 didn't blame the PS3 fanboys for the complained?

Chucky20033201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

doesn't change the fact that i still hate Mass Effect 2 and that is worse than ME1,story,villain,gameplay,for that i won't even bother playing ME3,so i for one i'm a little worried about Dragon Age 2 and i hope they will make it good because i really like Origins and still playing it like crazy

PrimordialSoupBase3201d ago

Mass Effect 2 is not an rpg. It's a mediocre shooter with a branching narrative. Experience points mean shit all, weapon sets are predetermined, and there is no role to play outside of canned dialogue choices.

If Dragon Age - a game which employed a near opposite philosophy - goes the Mass Effect 2 route, it's guaranteed to also be consolised rubbish.

Gun_Senshi3201d ago

Mass Effect 2, while great game, is not an RPG. Its a 3rd Person Shooter

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Philaroni3202d ago

Bioware must be larger then I thought they have lots of projects being worked on DA2, ME3, and the SW MMO. All high quality games. I don't think people give them enough credit.

smilydude133201d ago


Seriously? Not enough credit? Bioware is one of the most overrated and heavily rode developers around.

ironcreed3202d ago

I'm firmly in the camp that thinks it sounds like they are improving it... especially for consoles. Visuals are being updated, our character actually will have a personality like Shepherd, yet you can still customize and create your own male or female character and the combat is being improved upon as well. No worries here.

bluexy3202d ago

I believe it's an entirely valid complaint that players won't be able to continue the legacy of their character from Dragon Age: Origins.

kraze073202d ago

A large number of people were disappointed with the change from ME1 to ME2 and now it looks like the same will happen with ME2. Bioware is still one of my fav devs, but lately it seems as if all they care about is mass appeal and making their games accessible to as large an audience as possible.

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