Videogame Roundtable Episode 18: 3D Sucks

This week, Videogame Roundtable welcomes new podcaster Paul Nowak, who joins Filippo Paris and Jonah Falcon. In this episode, the guys bash 3D, last week’s mailbag is full of PlayStation 3 hate mail for Richard Elliott, while Filippo’s Xbox Live account was stolen.

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DasBunker3114d ago

I know what youre feeling... you are afraid of new technology.. you feel bad you just bought an HDTV and now theres something better out there that you think you "NEED" to buy now.. its common instinct to bash it and want it to fail so you can protect yourself.. its alright i understand you... but theres nothing to fear, you'll get a chance to experience it and have fun with it, maybe not today or tomorrow, but soon..

Merivigian3114d ago

Well, apparently everybody who has played a 3DS so far doesn't quite agree with you.

JonahFalcon3114d ago

Who has played 3DS? And who has played it for more than 90 minutes at a time?