30° Females of Final Fantasy

The role of women in the videogame industry seems to be on a curve of it's own. Even with the incredible advances in womens' rights in the real world, trying to name a list of even five incredibly strong female figures is hard enough, let alone trying to name five that aren't covered in sex appeal. What I mean by this, is that the majority of the time for a female hero to become mainstream, she is developed to be as sexy as can possibly be. When I ask you to name one female character quickly without thinking about it who do you think of? Lara Croft? Bayonetta? Samus? Maybe the Dead or Alive girls? If you didn't name all of them, I know you named at least one. So what does this mean for the videogame female? Is there ever going to be change? When will the strong, powerful lead role of hero in a game be portrayed by a female that's not a leggy sex-bomb? Luckily for all female gamers, and non-gamers alike, that's where Final Fantasy comes into play.

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