RoboAwesome's Killer 2100 Network Card Impressions | E3 2010

In the realm of online gaming network processes are just as pivotal to game play as graphic processes. Though you’re intuition may tell you a faster CPU, with faster RAM, and a blazing graphics card solves any latency issues inherent with online gaming; reality plays out in a different key.
Enter Bigfoot™ Networks and the Killer™ 2100 Network Card. The latest network card housing it’s own dedicated network processing unit.

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Pandamobile3022d ago

$130 to knock off a few milliseconds of ping and add a couple FPS doesn't really seem like a worthy investment to me.

_delero3021d ago

its more than a few milliseconds, it actually lowers latency at the wire between computer and server, not ping, and it comes with a lot of software that once you look into it's capabilities does more than make your games go faster; its a full package that truly delivers ive seen it with my own eyes on real machines

you may not notice as large of a difference in response as you would between a graphics card without a GPU and one with a GPU, but having a dedicated NPU all around improves network performance, games or downloads or whatever

pricey yes, but whats the difference between a $150 graphics card and a $300 graphics card?