BioWare VP: Nintendo's 'Trumped Everyone In A Clever Way'

Vice President of BioWare, Greg Zeschuk has said Nintendo "trumped everyone in a clever way", as other platform holders are now "doing what they already did five years ago" with motion technology.

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mjolliffe3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

Surprising comments from Zeschuk, but it's true. Though I am sure there's going to be a few advantages with Move and Kinect, and disadvantages, mind you.

And I'm still surprised that it took Sony and Microsoft this long to release some motion tech for the current gen.

Valay3020d ago

I guess they wanted to see if motion was just a fad. Obviously, it's not.

Jrome3020d ago

Even though sony has been researching it for so long...and even introduced it to their line up with the ps2 eyetoy

Shepherd 2143020d ago

You should hope that PS Move will work better than the Eyetoy, because the Eyetoy was a piece of crap and a gimmick. Almost none of the millions who owned a PS2 bought it.

gcolley3020d ago

they have all been researching it for a long time big deal. take your fanboy rubbish elsewhere. it took nintendo to realise it

JsonHenry3020d ago

I still say motion is gonna fail in all forms.

kraze073020d ago

Agreed, well I wouldn't say it's gonna fail that bad but it is just a fad.

gamerzBEreal173020d ago

but its better? and they gained the core with there great games and now are trying to get the casual with nintendo they gained the casual first now are going for the core with great games new zelda metroid other m etc
so nintendo did things in reverse but it was for the better they got the sales now come the games

rambi803020d ago

If you look at Gamecube sales, you can argue that they did not have much of a core to begin with.
They were forced to go after new consumers and it worked out for them.
The question now is the dependability of those consumers.

I think the core push is in preparation for their next console.
In a way, the impact of the WII will be determined by how well its successor does and how many casuals return.

rambi803020d ago

Motion controls appeal to casuals
$400-600 consoles do not (especially when the controller is sold separately)
it made no sense having it earlier

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Bigpappy3020d ago

Lets see what Bioware can bring to the table with "Clever" motion control tech.

yewles13020d ago

*throws hands up in air*

redDevil873020d ago

*and waves them like he just don't care*

TheTeam063020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

It was a risky move was executed during a "make or break" moment. Their Gamecube didn't sell as well as Xbox and obviously not as well as PS2, so it was go big or go home for them. Luckily it worked out perfectly for them and came out on top for the first time since before the 5th generation (when PSOne came in). They still wouldn't have been out if the Wii failed because they still have the handheld market.

Who knows what the next big thing will be next gen? It's a scary thought. I predict the next Xbox to be really casual. Sony and Nintendo are much less predictable.

DavidBanner3020d ago

When you have a company that have some control in the mobile phones,computer,television,mov ie ,data distribution and gaming industry. The only thing predictable about that is that they can very much influence the technology environment.

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The story is too old to be commented.