GamesRadar: The Witcher 2 Offers Immense Choice, Also Sex

According to developer CD Projekt RED, the story this time around promises a much wider sense of scale, with numerous kingdoms whose rulers are in peril, with only your monster-slaying protagonist, Geralt, to protect them. That is, if you choose to. Unlike traditional action role-playing games, the combat and cut-scenes exist solely to serve the storyline, says the developer, and the immense narrative depth of the original Witcher is retained the second time around.

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Nike3202d ago

Would you believe there's someone in the forums asking why we hate GamesRadar so much?

Seriously, look at the headline. That's all the reason you need.

Quagmire3202d ago

Giggity Giggity Giggity Giggity let's have sex!

But seriously, is the game confirmed for PS3 or not? Hope so, will give me reason to play first one then.

And also, i find gamesradar a hilarious site. Theyre not trying to make everything serious, think of it as more of a parody of IGN and Gamespot.