Blur Multiplayer Demo heading to PS3

The US PlayStation Store going live and reveals the Multiplayer Demo of Blur for PS3 ...

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FreeFalling3019d ago

I've been enjoying the demo on the 360 for long time, trust me, it's alot of fun :]

T9X693019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Rule #1 Never mention Xbox 360 in a PS3 article, you will never win with these people.

Demo is pretty fun though, its like Mario Kart with real cars.

EDIT: ABizzel1 - I wouldn't have had to post that, if the people on this site grew up a little bit and stopped playing console war like its their life.

@TheTeam06 - Well you replied to me, so by your logic your not the bigger man either.

TheTeam063019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Or you could simply be the bigger man and look the other way. Posts like that make you look obsessed. No one has even posted anything remotely fanboyish yet.

EDIT: I'm replyish to your childishness in hopes that you'll listen to my reasoning. That, and it's my first time talking to you. It doesn't make me look obsessed at all.

FreeFalling3019d ago

Haha, 13 disagrees and counting for just stating my opinion that the demo is fun and I'm glad that it's finally coming to the PS3?

Man, this site makes my day. :P

kingjoker343019d ago

why cant people have 0 bubbles? ahh well

ChronoJoe3019d ago

Well alongside you owning a 360, which is an obvious disagreeable offence.

The game actually sucks, and you said it was good. :o

I have the full game on my PS3, so yeah. The fact that we get the demo doesn't really interest me, and the games not THAT bad, it's just not good either.

The problem is super bland tracks, and semi-realistic handling (shouldn't be spinning out, or having to take a great line on a 'kart racer). Plus the best strategy is wall riding on short turns, rather than breaking, which was the same problem with PGR, and they haven't fixed that - so I'm not impressed there either...

On top of that, the game uses a super excessive amount of motion Blur and effects, to cover up pretty poor graphics. None of the cars are modelled that well, and not one of the tracks has a full 'daylight' setting, it's all night or dust/dawn.

ClownBelt3019d ago

Ouch. T9X69 got pwned for provoking fanboys. Totally deserve it. Lol

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ABizzel13019d ago

Good I had the 360 demo, but I downloaded it 3 weeks after and no one was playing it so I couldn't set up a match.


Let's grow up.

Donny3019d ago

cant wait to play this. psn id flamesofhell44

P1NKY3019d ago

Good for you. PS3 owners however already have a Mario Kart style game that is much better than Blur. ModNation Racers. It does everything Blur does, better, plus it adds all the customisability of Little Big Planet.

You're also not limited to a set amount of tracks as evertbody can create tracks, easily. Blur on its own is probably quite a good game, but if you play it after playing ModNation Racers then it just feels dull.

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Waldi3019d ago

Thats fine, lets take a look! ;D


This game reminds me of Midnight Club.

ChronoJoe3019d ago

Unfortunately Midnight Club LA is much more fun.

DARKrage343019d ago

Actually addictive for a racer. Simple and enjoyable!

Go ahead and get your under $30 copy off eBay! and try to rid me of my streak!

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