Gran Turismo 5 has Realistic Damage and Effects System, Full Detailed Breakdown

Gran Turismo 5 is pushing the envelope forward for racing titles, but they are going even further with the damage system. Not happy with just physical damage, Gran Turismo 5's cars will have to deal with damage in three different realistic fashions and these changes will greatly alter the way you go about racing in the gaming.

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rroded3023d ago

best graphics best environments cars and realism to ever grace this earth.

nice to know dmg is gonna b on all cars tho the premium ones seem to get a bit more dept.

sikbeta3023d ago

Gran Turismo 5: The Literally Real Driving Simulator

It's that EPIC...

kingjoker343023d ago

Gran Tourismo 5: Better then driving in real life.
thats how epic it really is.

D4RkNIKON3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

@ Kingjoker - Yeah, no car payment, insurance, police, gas prices, life threatening accidents. Sounds like the right way to drive if you ask me! Although those would be some interesting ways of adding even more realism to the game lol

ExplosionSauce3023d ago

I'd hate that, lol.
Although you'd only have to do and pay all those things if it was illegal street racing+ traffic.
GT5 is more pro oriented.

Montrealien3023d ago

You guys are aware you are preaching to the quire right? And it has been the Real driving simulator for over 10 years now, I would not expect that to change.

UltraNova3023d ago

Polyphony D. just make sure you include the damage off option..

Mr_Bun3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

I never understood people who interchange "choir" with "quire". "Quire" refers to paper (folding or quantity)

I might also add that you are showing your age by using that spelling

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M4I0N33023d ago

i love GT and im killing out GT on PSP with my Bugatti Veyron on the Nurburgring.

The only problem with the damage side of GT is that the car manufacturers are hindering GT from implementing FULL damage. Bastard Car manufacturers, won't let us enjoy crashing their Veyrons together to see only half a steering wheel left :(.

Theonik3023d ago

It's not that. A lot of manufacturer cars are getting full damage. Any of the 200 premium cars does. They just didn't have time to implement full damage on all 1000 cars. From what i gather all new cars in GT5 will have the damage.

Montrealien3023d ago

why are they hindering with GT5 and not Blur, PGR and Grid? That argument is old, and very overused. This is not GT2, other car games have had real cars get busted up for quite a few years now.

The most important thing for the manufacturers is that the cockpits stay intact and that you don't show people crashing through windshields and stuff like that, it has been proven in the past that they don' t care of the car itself is damaged.

UltimateIdiot9113023d ago

The difference is GT has a prestige around it and when it comes to damage, PD wants to show the actual engines and etc.

ryuzu3023d ago


The problem is that GT is more realistic than most and has sold very widely (how many is it for the GT series - 50m+ now?). PGR, Blur etc etc aren't taken seriously - GT is.

So, if in GT, the latest and greatest Ferrari for example, seems to come off worse when hitting an Aston Martin, enthusiasts will conclude that PD has done it's homework and there is some deficiency in the car. That's great for exotics/sports cars that most will never drive - what about A VW Golf vs a Honda Civic - now people might to start to form purchasing opinions from a piece of entertainment software...

That, coupled with branding and the "standard road car" nature of GT mean the manufacturers are careful about what is and isn't in the game.

In fact, most proper racing sims (even on PC - iRacing and rFactor for example) don't officially license road spec cars - if they use real world cars, then they simulate the race spec version of them (see the iRacing line up which includes the Mustang, Solstice and Corvette among others).

Arcade style games like Grid, Dirt and NFS don't matter but even in those cases the cars are race spec versions and they are all simulated so badly no one can take them seriously.

GT is still the only game that aims to provide a somewhat authentic simulation of cars which are in popular use - > this makes it a great advertising tool, but also one which could harm manufacturers.


ExplosionSauce3022d ago

Car companies treat the GT games as a means to show off their product.

They treat other racing games(names I will not mention) as simply that, games.
Of course, they realize GT is a game, but it's the way the game treats each unique's kinda hard to explain, but GT doesn't treat cars as machines to simply gain money to pimp/trick them out.

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Montrealien3023d ago

Enjoying every good racer > Enjoying just one amazing racer.

I have been enjoying many amazing racing titles the last few months as I wait for GT5, and when GT5 comes out, on my birthday, I will only be playing that for months. :)

aaron58293023d ago

There are many racers which are "good" in others' opinions that i dont enjoy...

So far, i enjoyed F1, GT series...

Hated Grid, hated NFS series, hated arcade racers, hated Dirt series..

Well, it's just me..

velaxun3022d ago

NFS: Shift wasn't too bad. That's been occupying me while I wait for GT5. Closest I can get to GT5 on PS3 right now anyway since prologue is lacking all the customization options that I love.

jerethdagryphon3022d ago

full damage then dont count on the cockpit staying in one peice if you hit a roll or flip, mmm squashed car

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rareairtone3023d ago

This kind of damage has been done before. They may be doing it better but you can't even gauge how much better based on this article.

Can someone remind me of the advanced damage and list it, such as the cockpit stuff

TrailerParkSupervisr3023d ago

I want to time warp to the release date.

edhe3023d ago

It's been in dev for so long that if it's not the definitive racer [for a long time to come] it's not going to go down well @ Sony Towers. :)

Looks awesome though.

pixelsword3022d ago

That's good, but this better not push back the game.

Jeremy Gerard3022d ago

have pointed out on the Examiner, even Forza 2 had these same features years ago, why are you guys acting like this is so cutting edge LOL!

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MxShade3023d ago

I might get suckered into this title.

MariaHelFutura3023d ago

Your a sucker if you don`t get it.


Bobbykotickrulesz3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

And you're a sucker if you don't learn the difference between "your" and "you're".

God that bugs the crap out of me. :D

lol'd that many disagrees already? I'm not bashing your precious Gran Turismo, fanboys. Only the stupidity of someone that hasn't learned that those two words mean completely different things.

zootang3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Instead of picking on his grammar why not educate him

You're = You are
Your = I ate your food and I like your style.

Edit: I can't wait for this game, it's killing me.

gtamike3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

@Major Jack Hoff
It's the internet not english lesson and if english lesson why you put "lol'd"?

Bobbykotickrulesz3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Because lol'd was used in the proper way. I never said this was an English lesson. It's just funny that some people don't understand 3rd grade grammar.

Also, I'm not his teacher. So no, it's not my job to "educate" him on a damn thing. I'd rather point out his mistakes and let him figure them out on his own like a big boy.

nycredude3023d ago

@Major Jack Hoff

You spelled jack off wrong idiot. ;D

Your first sentence is also a fragment. You don't start a sentence with "and".

Lol's is NOT a word.

There are two problems with your last sentence. It doesn't make sense and you have to change "that" to "who".

Class is out.

Sunny_D3023d ago

Major Jack Hoff got owned.

PoSTedUP3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

major jack off liveded up to him name.

i say their there and your you're mixed up all the time bc this is the internet and i am talking to a bunch of gamers, i never could think to imagine some asshole coming along and correcting me. i cant believe i just witnessed such arrogance.

---stone---3023d ago

"@Major Jack Hoff

You spelled jack off wrong idiot. ;D

Your first sentence is also a fragment. You don't start a sentence with "and".

Lol's is NOT a word.

There are two problems with your last sentence. It doesn't make sense and you have to change "that" to "who".

Class is out.


Major Jack Hoff is presented as a name. So there is no mispelling and not the act of, or in some sort of noun usage. So jack off to that jack off. xD haha i has a lame funnies!!!

Fruit Loops3023d ago

that's why you're here, right?

aaron58293023d ago

Well, if it's not your job to teach.. then why bother telling him or anyone else to correct their mistake...

i dont care if people spelled you're or your or whatever.. as long i understand what he wanted to say..

Dee_913023d ago

fruity loops took that personal

its called jokes

IRetrouk3022d ago

Yo, we are talkin about GT5 here fellas, fuck this grammer shit, I can not wait for this game, but this info has been on the main GT5 site for ages.

Human Analog3022d ago

Where is Conan the Grammarian when you need him?

shadow27973022d ago

"Because lol'd was used in the proper way."

Really? Was it?

"[Laughed out loud] that many disagrees already?"

At best that's a fragment.

Ace_Man_63022d ago

I agree with Major Jack Hoff :)

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Capdastaro3023d ago

Hopefully now when you play GT online people wont be dirty by just smashing past you with no repercussions

Abriael3023d ago

very much impossible. The only part of damage that is exclusive to premium cars is visual deformation. If you smash on another car with a non-premium car, you get the full functional damage.

NecrumSlavery3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

You'll probably see very careful racers. Since GT5 is so real cars depreciate with mileage, damage, etc.

I most likely won't race the very nice cars online and only hit the test tracks, and do maybe time trials. Other than that, I'm keeping them in the showroom.

kanetheking3023d ago

who ever was driving the Subaru was cheating

IHateYouFanboys3023d ago

my favourite part of that is the horrible AI that unsurprisingly looks exactly like it was in GT1-4 - just follows a set line around the track.

they just kept running into the crashed cars without even braking lol.

fooltheman3022d ago

I think that issue was adressed
other video's shows improvement ^^