Ten Xbox 360 Exclusives For Dirt Cheap

Unlike the guy who stole his brother’s PS3 because of his stinginess, you’re a rather easygoing, free handed type of fella. “Money comes and it goes”, is the position who’ve taken, and throughout life, it’s done you well.

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wiggles5063d ago (Edited 5063d ago )

Since when is $27 dollars cheap?

Decent list though

UP5063d ago

compare 27 dollars to 60 dollars

captain-obvious5063d ago

its actually sad to see Alan wake up in there
the game is still too young

kingjoker345063d ago (Edited 5063d ago )

alan wake is a great game, sad to see that most gamers who play xbox wont see it cause it doesnt have halo, call of duty, or gears in its title.
one exclusive I wish ps3 had.

FragMnTagM5063d ago

I plan on getting it when I get some more moolah ahead. I have bought a lot of stuff lately and I need to wait a bit. I am definitely not going to pass it up though as it looks like a really nice game.

ABizzel15063d ago

Alan Wake is not a great game. It's a good one, and it is sad to see it struggle especially with all the resources, and time they've put into it.

KingKiff5063d ago

And it is not great at all. You shoot the first enemy and that's the combat of the game mastered. Oh look I found a Thermos I am great, oh and look a book page how awesome... Game over...

It felt like a movie more than a game and I was glad to have hired it first. I would not have paid $26 full stop for that debacle of a game, I was happy with the $6 rental and finished it in 5 hours.

rezzah5062d ago

If Alan Wake was a FPS then itd probably sell 1 million.

AngryTypingGuy5062d ago

Alan Wake is definitely on my list...just haven't gotten around to it yet.

Independent_Charles5062d ago

i know your telling lies as soon as you said 5 hours lol there about an hour and a half of cut scenes lol and no way did you do the game in 3 hours, i wager a tenner that you can not complete alan wake in 3-5 hours.

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RyuDrinksTheDew5063d ago

its cheap when you pay $65.54 for a new game, like nowadays.

HolyOrangeCows5063d ago (Edited 5063d ago )

Since when is $48.54 "dirt cheap"? And who wants to buy a used scratched up disc for a couple bucks less than that?

Wait...through the GT-store? These articles are advertisements! Spam.

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skip2mylou5063d ago

wheres two worlds or w.e i swear i saw it for 6$ at target

T9X695063d ago

That game is fucking horrible.

skip2mylou5063d ago

i know but the article SAYS DIRT CHEAP! and 6$ is cheaper than all of those games on the list genius

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