NZXT scare may have been a malicious attack

The NZXT going-out-of-business letter was more than "technical difficulties". Today NZXT announced that it was a malicious attack.

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BannedForNineYears3023d ago

NZXT? Never heard of them. -_-

Bandrik3023d ago

I hadn't either till I read about them on Icrontic. While a slightly newer face to the PC case market, they really do make pretty decent cases. Between Antec, NZXT, and maybe Thermaltake, those are the cases I would personally look at when building my next gaming rig.

BannedForNineYears3023d ago

Wow, when I read "PC case", it rang a bell.
I remember visiting their website.

Bandrik3023d ago

I'm actually glad it was announced to be what it was. Better than some "standby" goodbye letter or not knowing at all what happened.

And yes, I'm thrilled that NZXT is still around. It's likely, due to what I've heard in the Icrontic community, that my next case will be NZXT case.

Though pardon me if I ever pronounce them as "NEXT", as the "Z" in their name always screws with my brain.