Real Life Lessons from Persona 3

DualShockers writes: "Playing through Persona 3 for the second time gives me a chance to pick up on many things that I may have missed the first time through. I was so enamored with the fact that this was a great RPG for the PS2 in the midst of the high-def generation of the PS3 and Xbox 360 that concentrating more on the character building and relationship aspects of the game kind of took a back seat. That’s saying a lot coming from me, Mr. Character Development is Everything, right?

As I’m making my way through Persona 3 Portable for review, I realized something – there are some pretty sizable messages written into the dialog, both of the main story and the side stories, or Social Links. While Western games tend to lean on blood, gore and sex to express their “maturity”, I’m of the opinion that the subject matter and character interactions are what creates a truly mature experience."

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Games4M - Rob3018d ago

Jeez man, you make me feel bad now for just perving over all the japanese chicks in school uniform. Actually i cant even do that since this game dosnt have a UK release date - sort it out Sony

Chadness3018d ago

Yeah, I'm kind of enamored with the new female protagonist in P3P...I feel dirty.

taz80803017d ago

Its not dirty unless you do bad things to your PSP, then you have gone too far. LOL

Havent some guys married Anime chicks already? This could be no different.

Hitman07693018d ago

This is very interesting and I've got to admit I've learned so much from video games. I've learned my left from my right permanently thanks to Super Nintendo and the introduction of the L and R buttons. But also really big ideas like Chad discusses in this piece. Subject matter being mature in a game is something I've been a fan of since I can remember. It began with simple things like stabbing evil looking knights and monsters. Then it became much more complex when I was introduced to the world of Final Fantasy 6 with it's complex characters and their struggles. I began to learn how to be compassionate for my fellow human being and understand that everyone has their own world going on and that we come together in very strange ways and that it's important to find that strong sense of community that all of the characters had ended up finding, even amidst chaos and madness in their cold, unforgiving world.