‘Mobile gaming will beat consoles within a year’ -

Fishlabs CEO Michael Schade has stated his belief that "iPad HD" will be released and running games at at least an equivalent standard to the Xbox 360 within a year.
Talking during a session entitled “Mobile becomes Console” – itself named after a recent Mark Rein comment about mobile gaming’s future – at the Develop Conference in Brighton, Schade was very confident about the potential for mobile gaming to match and overtake console gaming standards within that time.
“I think you can expect some time next year to have rendering capabilities on mobile devices superior to the Xbox 360,” Schade said.

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SeanRL3205d ago

1. The xbox is 5 years old (I think).
2.The "idevices" if that counts every version of ipod, iphone and ipad then it's not really very fair is it? Do you see Sony bragging about the sales of the "playstations".

nikkisixx23205d ago

At E3 they say how well the PS2 has sold.

SeanRL3205d ago

I said all the consoles, not one. I love how I have the disagree.

Convas3205d ago

The Technology is awesome, and the iPad is a marvelous device, but until you show me an iPad running games equivalent of the graphical levels of Gears of War 3, Halo: Reach, Rage, or Crysis 2, you really don't have a foundation to stand on.

xX TriiCKy Xx3205d ago

Don't forget Uncharted 2 and God of War 3. I had to put my Sony fanboyism in there somewhere. :P

kneon3205d ago

this guy is full of it. The mobile processors that are coming in the next year or so are not at the level of the XBox or PS3, not even close. Maybe in a few more years but by then we're on to the next gen of consoles.

But regardless you can't get away from the crappy user input options available with mobile phones and the iPad/iTouch. It's ok for some games but it's just too limiting to take on consoles.

bunfighterii3205d ago

Yeah for serious I'd like to see something on the scale and sophistication of GT5 on the iPad.

...and it's a damn touchscreen!

ProjectVulcan3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

If nvidia sort out another generation of their Ion chipset for netbooks, then i think we will see netbooks with console equalling abilities for games. A 32 shader Ion with DDR3 memory or better should be enough (currently 16 streams)

However handheld graphics like this guy suggests in ipads and slimline mobile devices? It'll be another three or four years at least for that. The main reason is simply power consumption, Where a netbook can use 45 watts under load with a (relatively) large 6 cell battery and have reasonable run time of 4-5 hours, something like an ipad is only about 2.5 watts, a fraction of that. Any more would destroy battery life.

360 and PS3's chipsets on the latest viable processes (40-45nm) use about 60 watts themselves, so the idea that in a single year performance per watt will have improved by a good TWENTY times (or even battery technology making a massive leap) to make this viable on an ipad scale is preposterous.

sikbeta3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

There must be something I missing cos I don't know why people can come up with crap like "mobile gaming will beat consoles within a year" and at the same time taking is consideration only the Apple devices, I mean like if the DS and the PSP don't exist, WTF?

The "iPad HD"?...really? that must be a Bad joke... Home Console always be there for Gaming and always be the Gaming Mainstream...

Handheld Gaming Devices would become the mainstream in the future, but that's far away...

palaeomerus3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

The heat of such a device might be rather considerable.

They could call it the iBallMELTER.

You'd probably have to wear cooking mits and a thermal insulator on your lap...

The (obviously external) battery ought to be a lot of fun too. Possibly PC-Case sized?

mastiffchild3205d ago

Seriously, this is nonsense. EVEN if the iPad managed to have better looking games than the HD consoles it would STILL be a sh1t system for games, inferior to a notebook for typing/work etc and basically STILL be a big iPod Touch. While the controls remain as crappy as they are playing 99% of games on any of the portable Applew products is plain annoying and, worse, means ports of good games sully the series with thumbs all over the screen and awful touchscreen Dpads and buttons having Zero sense of feedback Sod them for anything more than the odd jrpg or five minute skive and don't start me on tilting the whole damn thing for driving games!

Anything more demanding in control terms than air hockey and my iPhone's out of it's depth.Has anyone else played the SF4 and MGSTouch travesties? I have and they're pants because of the controls even though they look pretty cool. Same for NOVA their Halo clone-it's rubbish and the worst thing is the controls. They can dress it up in whatever they like but while it controls as it does it's useless to me. Crap controls, war with adobe, a billion casual crap titles with as much depth as my gene pool(i.e I'm a Mastiffchild-we're in bred to buggery)-why should I care if your latest underperforming and overpriced triumph of style over content pushes the graphical bar when it plays like cack?

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darkcharizard3205d ago

If no new consoles are introduced. Either Sony or Nintendo should come up with something that "WOW"s the consumer, to keep consoles going.. just like Nintendo did with 3DS when ppl started preferring iPhone over DS.

As for Microsoft, they should exit the console wars. They lack exclusives and have no free online. Now they come up with some cheap black version of their console to trick the consumer... how cunning :o)

R2D23205d ago

Dam you Mayan's for giving us the year that the world ends.

killyourfm3205d ago

Michael Schade is delusional.

SuperStrokey11233205d ago

Dont ipads already have the issue with over heating?

D4RkNIKON3205d ago

Yes, they shut down to cool off till it's safe to turn on.

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