Why Zombies Will Return in Call of Duty: Black Ops

Are you one of those gamers that still dusts off World at War for some Zombie action every now and then? I know I am. And I also am confident that I will be fighting off more Zombies this November.

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Jls13019d ago

yep its the only reason I still play waw

Xfanboy3019d ago

Becuz they are out of ideas??

Snoogins3019d ago

Because they can't resist buying the Call of Duty brand! <rimshot>
*crowd jeers, throwing rotten tomatoes at me*

Reborn3019d ago

Its one of the selling points of the game. Bobby wouldn't be too pleased, if he found out they decided not to include it.


JimmyJames703019d ago

Hopefully, Treyarch will keep Bobby happy.

eaSomeLegend3018d ago

nazi zombies own i love zombies.. i want to see more zombies,i want vietnam zombies!!!