Galaxy On Fire 2 "Starting To Get Close To The Visuals Of High-Quality Console Games

AppGamer writes "Marc Nagel from Fishlabs has been interviewed over at the official Fishlabs blog where he has been talking up their upcoming realing Galaxy On Fire 2, where he described the game as having graphics comparable to "cinematic films or high-quality console games". When asked what he was most pleased with in the game he replied...

"How can I put it? The whole game, really. You really have to view it as a single piece of work. Just the way the sun is displayed. It isn’t just a simple glow hanging in the skybox, instead you see streaks and other special effects, depending on where you are standing. That produces an extremely natural impression and is reminiscent of science fiction films. Sometimes you really think ‘Wow!’, we’re starting to get close to the visuals of cinematic films or high-quality console games."

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SeanRL3022d ago

Looks nice, but not console quality.

kerrak3021d ago

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