Amazon Opens PlayStation Move and Kinect ‘Stores’

Last October, opened up a 'PlayStation Network' store which offered game codes that could later be digitally downloaded on the PlayStation Network. It seems that this unique store on Amazon has had some success, as the world's largest online retailer has now opened 'stores' for the PlayStation Move and Microsoft's Kinect.

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Sev3023d ago

I guess Sony and MS teamed up with Amazon to make sure the average consumer knows about PlayStation Move and Kinect.

This should help any consumer confusion these new "controllers" are going to cause.

T3mpr1x3023d ago

And to save a few bucks for being an early adopter! Well, if you're on the Move side of things, anyway - looks like any Kinect games on disc are priced a full $60!

decimalator3023d ago

I wonder if Kinect games will sell as well if they stick with the $60 price tag, compared to Move games at the $40 price tag.

IdleLeeSiuLung3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Kinect games priced at full probably because MS is still "tasting the market" to see what demand will be for the current prices they set and the fact that we are 4 months away from release.

PS Move needs to get their @ss in gear soon with advertisements though, since they got 2 months to release....

Spenok3023d ago

Thats awesome that Move games are priced at $40. Makes for a bigger collection for me. xD Im actually kind of suprised that Move games are the cheaper games while Kinect is more expensive. I thought for sure Microsoft was going to charge as little as possible for the casual games.

RageAgainstTheMShine3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Cool avatar there Sev1512-its the sign of the future!
You beat me into it but that avatar is packed with a lot of power!
Well done, mate.

GiggMan3023d ago

I took a look at both stores and a couple of things stand out.

a)the Move, sports champion, and PS eye bundle for "under $100" seems like a good deal for the average consumer as far as content goes.

b) Amazon's Pre-order guarantee has Kinect priced at $149.99 (which isn't official) but if the price changes you get it for the lowest price. So if you are interested in Kinect you might want to pre-order just in case MS releases it for more than $150. I doubt it though but...

decimalator3023d ago

Also... take a look at the differences between the two stores. There are a whole lot of games for Move, but not much for Kinect. Thus far, what actual games have been announced for Kinect beyond Kinectimals and Joy Ride? I wonder if Microsoft are saving some big announcements for closer to launch time, or if this is really all that they have so far to talk about. The dashboard integration is kind of cool, but does anyone really want to pay $150+ just so they can talk to their Xbox and tell it to play a movie?

Bigpappy3023d ago

only 2 game for Kinect; Comparing unofficial pricing; Bigger collection of games (Move releases in 8 weeks).

Maybe you sould have a look at their pre-order charts to see how each is doing.

Spin, spin, spin!

jneul3023d ago

cough cough ps move peripherals #28, #33 and #43 an I can't find kinect
but you must realise amazon != world right??

crazyclown3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

im not preordering, cuz i never do

but what i know is that im spending 300$ at launch

my reason:
This is gonna turn my gf into gaming, so Im investing in it to turn her into a gamer.