Gaming Heaven: Singularity Review

In a time when the first person shooter genre seems weighted down in reality, or some close approximation of it at least, it does beg the question what the frag-hungry gamer does for some actual R&R these days. If not crawling on their bellies through a network of Vietnam like tunnels, or having to keep one eye on ammunition supplies, or even having to be wary of their own commanding officers, there is always something heavy trundling over that reality based horizon that can make the whole thing sometimes too intense, if not out and out stressful.

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Excalibur3023d ago

I think the graphics were better than described but a very solid review none the less.

IMO it's an 8.75

PantherDST3023d ago

I'd guess I'm halfway through the game. I picked it up on sale but was worried because most reviews wernt very good. I must say that I am enjoying the game a great deal. It does have a feeling of Bioshock 2 and weapons that remind me of those in Halflife 2. I'd give the game an 8.5...