Uncharted 3: Five things we want to see

'Not only did Naughty Dog prove them wrong by providing one of the finest single-player experiences ever created, it offered a fresh take on multiplayer that was an addictive mixture of vertical platforming and cover-based shooting.

'The only thing missing? Split-screen multiplayer. The moment-to-moment gameplay in Uncharted 2 was particularly exciting due to the constant unpredictability.'

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mrv3213205d ago

1. More of the same
2. More of the same
3. More of the same
4. More of the same
5. More of the same

FangBlade3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

6. More of the same

Oh and I want YouTube integration.

UnSelf3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

8. More of the same
9. I dont want the game to hold my hand like the 1st 2 does
10. More multiple paths
11. Longer Campaign (not complaining about the 1st 2)
12. More Weapons (" ")
13. More of the same

zootang3205d ago


I couldn't stop staring at her ass. It got distracting.

Kevin ButIer3204d ago

But ill live to see:

1) Vehicles in multiplayer, or at least a better intervention of them in the maps.

2) Improved weapons and some cool variations for melee.

RageAgainstTheMShine3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

cleaner character looks of Uncharted 1

offline co-op (arena, plunder, survival, etc) should be different game mode from main single campaign mode like in RE4 mercenaries

separate treasure hunting missions for money

more spectacular set pieces please. we just can't get enough of them!!!

more fun puzzles

get rid of those dark colored cut scenes

keep the unmatched sound quality1

also have a BGM option the music score is the best this generation

keep Nolan North

Make Elena Fischer more sexy heh heh heh especially when wet!

keep the supernatural elements that help us, the real life players, identify with Drake- whether to believe or not. That was the dramatic point of Uncharted 2 that made a believer in me.

more funny lines,
more funny thrash talking,
witty humor &
romantic comedy
courtesy of Drake!!!

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ABizzel13205d ago

I think you all have thngs confused. I don't want more of the same of anything. The formula they have for the game is what you want, not the same stuff over and over.

A new location is a must everyone seems to agree with Africa or Atlantis.

More open levels, like MGS4. inFamous 2 and Rage has shut every @$$hole who tried to complain that open world would hurts the games graphics, even though I've said open levels not open world.

A little more exploration which would be easier with open level. When you enter temples let us explore, that's all this game is missing.

Improved steal mechanics. As of now they're scripted with a capital S.

Better enemy AI. It's good, but make it a little more realistic.

Better graphics. One of the best looking games still, but other games are starting to catch up, leave them in the dust again.

New characters to add to the great cast. I think another female character could add to the game. Make her a rival of Drake's from his eariler days. Also cameos from all the others.

Keep the slick humor.

Keep the supernatural element.

Improve multiplayer. Add more cutom matchmaking options like, level 50 and above only etc...

More co-op objective missions.

Climb almost everything. It doesn't have to be as detailed as inFamous and Assassin's Creed, but if we can climb a 300 foot mountain, then let us clib a freaking tree.

I can't think of anything else. But just improve every aspect of the game like you did between Uncharted 1 and Uncharted 2, and everything should be fine.

Man In Black3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

More functionality for the multiplayer theatre mode. It's good for taking screenshots, but not for videos. Let us edit videos, and then export them to the hard drive, so we can then upload to Youtube or whatever. That'd be awesome.

Oh, and let us rewind clips.

gamerzBEreal173205d ago

YEA i think they should focuse alot more on the multiplayer make it like mgo features wise and new game modes like mgo but keep the gameplay from the old uncharteds i think that would make it epic

jeseth3204d ago

Great games are often ruined by trying to change and "improve" a sequel (Hi MW2, looking at you). Uncharted is a gem and if they start changing stuff just because, they may take away from what is one of the top franchises in video gaming.

pixelsword3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

1. fanboyish gamesites giving it a lower than deserved score only to give it GOTY after no other game can match it

2. reviewers talking about the story even though they only played the demo/never finished the game

3. so-called fans whining about the multiplayer when they don't play it/don't own the game.

4. people talking about the graphics not being good when they can't name a game that can beat UC 2 or even UC 1's graphics

5. different in-game skins for Drake that open for those who owned uncharted 1 or 2, and those skins are shown through all of the cutscenes. I want to see Doughnut Drake get his groove on

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Hacker3205d ago ShowReplies(7)
NateNater3205d ago

It just needs some form of offline split screen like KZ3 needs.

Biggest3205d ago

I don't think it NEEDS anything. . . But I would really like to see splitscreen, as I would for every multiplayer mode. My son is just getting into shooters and it sucks that for our PS3s we have to go back to Modern Warefare or WarHawk to play together. I am not buying multiple copies of a game just to play with people in my own house.

BeaArthur3205d ago

I want them to pick a health system for MP and stick with it. V1.05 killed the game for me.

extermin8or3205d ago

yh i agree it made it too wannabe call of duty lol

BeaArthur3205d ago

It still had it's own identity, but they were clearly trying to please everyone and catering to that crowd.

Commander_TK3205d ago

it got better since u didn´t have to load a whole clip into some1 to get a kill

Unicron3205d ago

I have to agree with Bea. I hate 1.05 and above. The AK is too accurate now, and people have gone from traversing the level to camping. Grenades are useless now, when all they had to do was increase the time it took to throw one to prevent suicide runners.

sigh. Pity too, it was my fave online game this year until that patch. They even have Helghast and Chimera now!

Also, no offense Commander, but I hate this whole love of killing someone in 2 shots a la CoD. It becomes a game of who sees who first, instead of who is the better shot. Damn I miss the old days of shooters.

freediro3205d ago

Lets all go out and find out how many shots it will take me too put you down, bet you its less than 5 shots! I thought people wanted some realism, now they don't want bullets to be actually deadly. Unloading a full or half a clip to kill someone is the dumbest thing ever.

When you get shot first you are usually always the first person to die, its just how it is. Sorry you like to take a few shots then hide and let your health come back up, but that is just stupid.

I LOVE the updates they made, except i have to agree the AK is a little to accurate.

Unicron3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

No, I like being able to use the fact that I have better aim/skills to win, especially if some scrub starts firing at my knees instead of at my head when we cross paths. It was possible to turn the tide of a fight before, but no longer.

And enough of this "lol real life" crap, please. In real life there aren't giant blue yetis running around the Tree of Life either protecting the Cintamani Stone. I play a game to have fun, if I wanted real life I'd go play paintball or hit up the firing range. The "CoD everyone deserves a kill" mentality just sits very poorly with me.

vickers5003205d ago

I agree with you on your point, but Uncharted 2 has NOT come to that. It still takes a lot more shots to kill someone in U2 than it does in MW2, and when someone starts shooting at you from behind in U2, you actually have enough time to turn around and shoot off maybe a round or 2 before you are killed.

But the way that U2 had it at first was TOO much. It literally took me a clip and a half to kill someone with the ak. They toned it down enough to be acceptable, and what's wrong with improving the AKs accuracy? You said you want to be able to kill with your aiming skill, so they finally balance out the AK, and you complain?

Please don't compare U2's mp with MW2s abortion mp, they are still both VERY VERY different.

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Cregan45843205d ago

Bubbles Bea. 1.04 and previous made it the best multiplayer game I have ever played. ND ruined it after that, but I still play daily.

Antan3205d ago

The moderation on N4g since the "big update" is absolutely atrocious!

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