Publishers Turned Down Bejeweled for $60,000 - Goes On To Sell 50M Copies

And what a stupid mistake they made. One of the most popular games in history was turned down by numerous developers before it went on to sell over 50 million copies and reap a crap tonne of money...

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greeneggsnsam3019d ago

Ouch. Still, I expect this sort of thing happens all the time- investors never like to admit that they made a mistake, so they ignore them.

Drjft3019d ago

Like Activision will be kicking themselves when Respawn Entertainment makes their next game hahaha.

PSfan093019d ago

in other news he CEO for that publisher hasn't been seen since

badz1493018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

Respawn will NOT be bigger than when they were IW! I don't think they can make a gazillion seller like CoD or MW anymore. I might be wrong but seeing as CoD is selling by its name alone like Halo, I doubt they can be as huge as CoD ever again. BF and DICE are well know names in gaming community but try comparing BFBC2 it to MW2 sales, not even close! not even close to CoD WAW and that was like 2nd tier CoD for god sake!

plus, AV now has Bungie and still has IW (although mostly new members), I don't think Kotick give a damn about former IW though because he has everything the studio had been working all these times. the CoD and MW name, the game engine/assets etc.

radphil3018d ago

Just because a game sells a lot doesn't necessarily meant it was good. How many of those people that have the sales still have the game or still play it?

badz1493017d ago

I was replying to him because he specifically stated Activision & IW! CoD MW2 is in no way a good game but I can't see AV kicking themselves shafting IW crew when CoD BO will sell millions this year no matter the original IW working on it or not!

CrzyFooL3019d ago

WoW. I think Bejeweled will go on to be bigger than Tetris in time.

bfenty3019d ago

Hah! Bejeweled... not sure I really consider that a game...

Drjft3019d ago

Pfft. It's an enjoyable GAME. I love this GAME! :p

Raypture3019d ago

without blood sex guns mushrooms and such how can you call it a game? It's nonsnese to think it's a game. /sarcasm

RankFTW3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

I think you need to look up the definition of game then.

badz1493018d ago

not sure if it's a game? so, what's a "game" for you then??

I found myself playing Bejeweled everyday. and believe it or not, I'm active on FB just for Bejeweled Blitz! everything else doesn't matter much for me but bejeweled made me visit FB everyday!

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mrv3213019d ago

It's like turning down the Beatles. Imagine if someone turned down COD... they'd be kicking themselves now.

Awookie3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

War is not a unique game idea though Cod was basically no risk, just happened to get big

Convas3019d ago

... but COD caught on, especially the Modern Warfares, because they're Big, Massive Hollywood-esque Games. You play both the MWs, you'd swear that aside from playing the game itself, they could pass for big budget Blockbusters. (And they are for all intents and purposes in the Game Industry).

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