So Much for Hacking The PS3. PS3 Remains Unhackable.

Who’s next to try and hack the PS3? Earlier this year many people believed the PS3 was only a Blu-Ray drive and memory access away from being able to play back-ups, but now, it’s back to the drawing board. The PS3 can’t be hacked!…yet.

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MGRogue20173202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

PS3 = 100% secure. Believe it.

That lame-ass Geohot got close but still failed miserably & he has even retired to show mercy lol

Bow down to Sony, lil' iPhone hacker >:)

qface643202d ago

whether you like the ps3 come on now your actually being very foolish if you believe the ps3 100% hack proof your kidding yourself that goes for everyone

if its one thing ive learned there is no such thing as 100% secure

someone will hack the ps3 its only a matter of when
that goes for pretty much almost all forms of security

Lionsguard3202d ago

Yes but the PS3 has been out for years now and its still not hacked to play backups so its a pretty good track record unlike other devices like the iphone where that gets hacked BEFORE its even released.

qface643202d ago

yeah but not being hacked YET doesn't mean WONT be hacked eventually
doesn't matter if it gets hacked day 1 or 5 years from now

saying (insert name here) in this case the ps3 is 100% hack proof is foolish
i don't see how anyone can believe it will never be hacked

Hotel_Moscow3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

so far it is just like how we can say the ps3 had graphics crown amongst consoles

until the day comes where it gets hacked it is unhackable

EYEamNUMBER13202d ago

its almost like so many people here believe the ps3 CAN'T be hacked just because they like the system

just because you like the ps3 it means it can't get hacked?
so far that's what im seeing

how do people actually believe the ps3 can't be hacked?

Biggest3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

Does it matter if it can be hacked if it has not been hacked? Until it IS actually hacked I don't believe it matters. I'm glad one of the more vocal idiots has called it quits. That means the developers I respect will have more time to make the money they've earned. Sony did the game developers and publishers well this time around. Here's to hoping Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony (gotdamned PSP!!!) can do the same next time. Keep those developers motivated!

rwarner1743202d ago

I you go 5 years without being hacked you have done a good job. If they can complete the life cycle then its a huge win. No one cares anymore if you can hack a sega dreamcast, because that is an 11 year old machine. You don't have to make something hackproof, though that would be nice. You just need to make it take a long time to figure out and hope for it to be incovinient (pcb hacks).

I am sure at some point the ps3 will be hacked. But if it isn't easy it isn't really worth it.

CrazyForGames3202d ago

"No one cares anymore if you can hack a sega dreamcast"

uh im pretty sure sega still cares i mean they are re releasing the games and all to make a profit

GodsHand3202d ago

Remember when there was a simple installation of using a toggle switch to play back up games. This was before geonot.

step one: install toggle switch
step two: insert original game of any kind
step three: use toggle switch to eject game, during play back.
step four: insert back-up copy of another game.

Then sony issued a firmware to prevent that.

next geonot claims he has something to do the same thing, using the Other OS feature.

Then sony issued another firmware to remove said feature.

Someone will find a way, just like they did with the PS2 installing a mod chip to bypass whatever security is used.

and sony will most likely issue another firmware update, and the only people who will use it won't go online with it.

keshk3202d ago

The term security doesn't mean u are actually secure and nothing will affect u, it just means that u are trying to avoid any attempts of penetration. but in the end one will succeed.
My former boss told me this "Security is a myth", and he is totally right, as we advance in technology the more advanced security threats get.
and plus he got too close, but thats why sony removed the install other os option. never forget that

keshk3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

nuff said

sikbeta3202d ago

The Only thing I know is that there is No Piracy in the PS3, Gaming is Secure, More Awesome games keep coming and that's the best thing for Gamers...

Ha-Ha!!! Take that Lame-ass pirates and stop trying please, the last one aka geo-duche is sharing the same cave with Osama bin laden right now lol

-SIXAXIS-3202d ago

@sikbeta: Why don't morons like you understand? These people who "hack" things don't do it for piracy or fame, they do it as a HOBBY. Obviously, one who has an intellect like yours couldn't possibly understand this.

shoddy3202d ago

Bu bu but please don't update FW!!lol

geohot have to back the [email protected] out.
Still it'll be hack in ten years when ps4 come out.

nycredude3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )


Bungie Jumping, sky diving, video games, cow tipping, puzzles, miniature models, art, etc. are hobbies. Hacking is NOT a hobby. Hackers might do it as a hobby but it's illegal and directly results in pirating, which sucks for every paying gamer out there, me included so I say no to hacking!

njr3202d ago

If the PS3 could say a phrase right now, it would be:


TotalPS3Fanboy3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

And yes, you guys are right. It's only a matter of time before the PS3 is hack. Using the fastest computer available today, it'll only take over 1000 years to hack the PS3.

Right now, the PS3 can not be hack to run pirate games. The PS3 can only be hack to run homebrew, using Geo's hardware mod.

To run pirate games require that you signed (encrpyt) the pirate game, and you can't sign the pirate game because the PS3 does not have any signing capability. The game will have to be signed by a special program at Sony with a special root key before it can be played on the PS3. And without that special root key and special program (which Sony will never give out to you), pirated game can never be played on the PS3.

To find that special key using a brute force method on the fastest computer today will take over 1000 years or more. After you find the key, you have to figure out the signing algorithm that Sony used, which would be hard.

So yes, the PS3 is essentially unhackable.

The only way to hack the PS3 is to develop your own Cell that can run unsign code and then replace the Cell in your PS3 with it. To develop your own Cell will cost billions of dollars.

So yes, the PS3 is essentially unhackable.

DORMIN3202d ago

Of course it will be hacked EVENTUALLY, but for a hardware thats been out for 4 years and no one has been able to pretty much touch it, that is pretty impressive.

Makes me wonder who the hell is providing security for the thing? Maybe the hackers themselves. lol


The cell is blessed by Jesus Christ! YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!

pustulio3202d ago

I think the only people that can hack it are the ones who created it.


inception1233201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

amyone else find it hilarious that the one guy who got close to hacking the ps3 retired after he failed? the ps3 it only crushes hackers dreams. also isn't it even more funny that 360 fanboys are sitting at home angry that it hasn't been hacked getting mad because ps3 owners say it is unhackable. i just have to laugh at the wait and see attitude of 360 fanboys you always say wait for this and you will see then it doesn't happen the way you want and you play the victim like you didn't say anything when people bring it up. now you're saying just wait it will be hacked and 4 or 5 years into the ps3's life cycle and nothing. lol 360 fanboys always hoping and never recieving. you guys need to start living in the now and not the hypothetical future.

badz1493201d ago

if that's the case, it's not "hacking", it's "accessing"! that's like saying only you can "hack" your own e-mail! duh!

"hacking" is about "breaking-in" and so far, none succeeded and considering the day and age we're in, being in the market for as long as the PS3 and remain unhacked is pretty impressive! considering how rampant the piracy on PS1, PS2 and PSP up to this day, Sony is taking security to the whole new level this time around. umm...should we call it next-gen already?

Projekt7tuning3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

"hacking" is about "breaking-in"

No that would be call "Cracking" not "Hacking".
Hacking originally meant to make the the os do something different or customized. Apple held a most useful hack contest back in the day.

Denethor_II3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

You would like that wouldn't you.

badz1493201d ago

"Hacking originally meant to make the the os do something different or customized." - and how exactly do you want to do that? yes, you find your way to go into the system a.k.a. "break-in" into the system and program/trick the system to do that stuff for you. in this case trying to sign a code so that the PS3 'think' that the bootlegged games are original.

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Baba19063202d ago

well it does matter if it is hacked today or in 5 years. i think sony cares, and the developers who want to sell the games.

rwarner1743202d ago

It matters a whole lot less if it is hacked near the tail end of the life cycle than at the begining.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

35+ Millions of Owners of PS3 are playing Legit Games.

Which is a big Achievement for the Gaming Industry.

Studio-YaMi3202d ago

you are so right
here is another bubble !

A big step for the gaming industry :D <3
and I hope it stays that way on PS3/PS4/PS5 etc etc !

Spenok3202d ago

Its huge. I dont think any system ever has managed to stay unhacked for so long.

Oner3201d ago

@ ALFAxD_CENTAURO ~ And as that number continues to grow the sales will show devs who they may eventually want to stick with/support more because their hard work is protected and not in jeopardy.

xDaRkModEx3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

I just wished they could let people create custom games. Well that was the only reason i installed a hack firmware on my psp. The only time i might pirate a game was to try it out, but now we get demos =D.

RageAgainstTheMShine3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

This is where the PS3:

OWNS the 360, OWNS the 360, OWNS the 360, OWNS the 360

OWNS the Wii, OWNS the Wii, OWNS the Wii,OWNS the Wii

OWNS the PC, OWNS the PC, OWNS the PC, OWNS the PC

in a good way


There is hope for the gaming industry!!!

Developers & Publishers will receive in full every cent every single blu-ray game they make and sell.

meaning more quality games

no one will be stealing their profit so they can write off piracy in retail pricing and lower the cost of games.

This means Sony with its head held up high, put PS3 stores on countries where software piracy is the business. i.e. Brazil, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, etc

even the movie makers will benefit with this success of the PS3!

It also gives us a sense of peace that our purchase of any PS3 game is worth it because no end consumer is playing the same $60.00 game of ours - for FREE - yes they play 360, Wii and PC games weeks before they are officially released.

I am not saying the PS3 is un-hackable but it sure will take more than a Geohot as it is more than a pain in the ass to crack open :)

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Tony-Red-Grave3202d ago

there is no absolute i personally DON'T want the ps3 to be hacked before next gen

mdt hunter3202d ago

its look like ps3 will be the first console that won't be hacked in its lifecycle

kneon3202d ago

No electronic device to which you have physical access is hack proof. The only question is how hard is it, how much will it cost and is it worth the time, money and effort to hack it.

IdleLeeSiuLung3202d ago

"So Much for Hacking The PS3. PS3 Remains Unhackable."

gtamike3202d ago

The PS3 is too powerful to be hacked

avengers19783202d ago

Really this is just a plus for developers, how are making money on what they worked so hard on. They deserve to make there bank because games just keep getting better, more complex, and have huge bugets to make. Everyone who loves games should be willing to pay for them.

aaron58293202d ago

It's just whenever there's a breakthrough...

TADAAAAAa.... Firmware update...

Sony is doing a great job on their part imo.

xCaptainAmazing3202d ago

Everything is hackable, and Sony doesn't have the best OS security software around (as they are a hardware specialized company), so I'm sure it's very hackable. People haven't found the PS3 to be worth hacking because game backups are a pain due to the blu-ray requirement for discs. They were very smart and the very design of the machine discourages hacking. This is more of a theoretical security than literal security. If the PS3 had DVD games it would be a whole new ball game, I guarantee you that.

melkyre3201d ago

The Blu-Ray isn't the reason. If they hacked it they could have used the usb port to read iso from USB-HDD like they did for WII so that's not the issue. I agree nothing is 100% secure but it's useless to continue this discussion.
Who cares for the reasons. This is not a challenge between MS and Sony or PS3 and XBox360. Fact is money goes to Software house, so they have more money to invest and hopefully more quality game in the future. Furthermore if the unhackable status remains in next gen, we can hope for a lower price console in the future.
This is a Win-Win situation.

waltyftm3201d ago

PS3 not worth hacking, Are you mental ?

sehnsucht3201d ago

This is actually why Sony has an advantage this time around (related to security). If you're technically inclined, I recommend reading the Cell-BE technical documentation over at IBM:

I'll summarize for those that don't want to take the time:

The PS3 (Cell) uses a HARDWARE security system with several fail-safes:

-Secure processing vault: The Cell (as most of us know) is a unique processor architecture (which is why it tends to be difficult to program for). It has one main element, the PPE which oversees all operations and acts as a "boss" to the smaller, independent processors known as SPEs. This security feature allows (requires) these smaller processors to enter an isolation mode to conduct secure operations, not even the PPE has the authority (or ability) to view what's happening inside "the vault".

-Runtime secure boot: Applications are constantly, randomly verified for integrity, to make sure there has been no tampering. This even happens for applications that are already loaded into memory (this is what geohot was messing with). He tried to modify an application that was already trusted to get access to the information in "the vault". The problem is, even if he COULD get this to work, the final security measure is pretty fancy (and sounds fancy too!).

-The hardware root of secrecy: This is basically the decryption key for data, which we already learned can only be decrypted within a secure vault. The key is stored within the hardware of the processor itself, and is ONLY accessible to an SPE in isolation mode. PERIOD.

These are used in conjunction with a hardware-based random number generator to timestamp/mark all communications for verification. If a processor call was intercepted from memory and tampered with, it would instantly fail verification and be blacklisted from the system.

The fact that IBM has a full, detailed outline of how the security system works publicly available says a lot.

jerethdagryphon3201d ago

a large part of the ps3 protection is hardware built into the cpu not in discrete components elswhere

you cant bypass parts of the spu as easily hopefully it stays that way

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vhero3201d ago

The fact its not hacked yet is why devs are starting to choose PS3 over 360. If they are extremely upset about used game sales imagine how upset they are about piracy on 360!

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SupeerSteebbi3202d ago

It Only Does Massive Security.

Sony3603202d ago

It only does tedious slogans that its fanboys won't stop regurgitating.

Fruit Loops3202d ago

"jump in," or some crap like that ;]

Count3202d ago

No, because unlike you guys, some of us are AWARE that it's lame.

nycredude3202d ago

MS's slogan should be Jump On, if you get my drift.

inception1233201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

the 360 slogan should be "bend over and take it like a prison b!tch" because that is all 360 owners do.

Consoldtobots3201d ago only does BUTTHURT!!!

regurtitate that one fanboy.

waltyftm3201d ago

It only does jealous xbots.

Chubear3201d ago

It only does gimping multiplat games

TheNocturnus3201d ago

Amen brother. Just sold my second PS3, god that machine is a piece of garbage. I got it for Blu ray, got tired of overpaying for movies, got tired of the lame ass exclusives, got tired of the games only running in 720P... NOT 1080P. PS3, it only gets bought and resold twice by this 360 fan. Oh by the way, F*ck the POS3. Bring on the disagrees N4G!!

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N4g_null3202d ago

It only does otherOS oh no it's hack proof right so bring back the toys Sony!

No really this is great and I hope nintendo and ms use this idea next gen. Why this isn't on pcs is crazy.

aaron58293202d ago

should Jump Off... a bridge.

Prcko3202d ago

no chance to hack this monster console!

Nike3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

It only does antagonizing other programmers! (Though this is just the site doing it, not Sony)

No seriously, one of the things you DON'T want to declare is that something is unhackable. Remember Ubisoft and their DRM? Hackers always find a way. Always.

RedPawn3202d ago

My PS3 never burst into mystical blue flames.

mrv3213202d ago

Clearly there's something wrong with your PS3.

Does it make you chocolate cake? I hope it does it's a pretty sweet feature.

RedPawn3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )


I like chocolate milk, is that ok?