New iPhone App Could Pose Threat To Gamestop & Publishers

Ex: A new app for the iPhone, GameBook Mobile, is poised to make it even easier for gamers to trade and manage their used video game collections, and could also pose as serious competition for both Gamestop and publishers.

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Queasy3072d ago

Interesting. Not sure some game publishers will like it but interesting none the less.

Christopher3072d ago

Likely won't scratch much of GameStop's service. There's been Goozex for ages now.

Might use this for managing my game collection, though.

killyourfm3072d ago

Yea...I'm always preaching the gospel of goozex. I even converted a gamestop employee :-)

killyourfm3071d ago

Seriously, troll. Go away. What a ridiculous statement.

Spenok3071d ago

Eh, i just use IGN. I have over 900 games in my collection. I would hate to have to add them all again. :/

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NYPunkster3071d ago

"Goozex provides a unique trading platform for video games and movies. Members trade their products for Goozex Points, and then use their Points to get other products from other Goozex users. Members pay only a $1 transaction fee for each item they receive (in addition to shipping costs)."

Goozex points? I prefer cash thank you very much which is why for right now I'm using Amazon's sellers marketplace.

This app is very different from Goozex services in that you have the freedom to shop your game around and get most for it. How is this a bad thing? Oh because it's an iPhone app and you f**king Android fangirls are just pathetic.

MMFGaming3072d ago

Use Goozex instead! You'll get a ton more money (or points for games) than trading it in at Gamestop.

killyourfm3072d ago

That totally sounds like ad copy...but as a Goozex member I have to agree!

Queasy3072d ago

I've still yet to make a trade even though I'm a member. lol

vickers5003070d ago

Hmm, never heard of Goozex. I may have to check it out.

Neco5123072d ago

This seems like something Gamestop should have done months or years ago.

SSKILLZ3071d ago

lol it would be hilarious if it brings GS down haha

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