GameStop Xbox 360 Slim trade-up deal still quietly and selectively on
"This was supposed to be the last week of a GameStop deal where owners of older Xbox 360s could trade-in their consoles, accessories, and games for more money than they normally would get in exchange for the new Xbox 360 "S" (aka Slim). The promotion was so popular however that GameStop was forced to cancel it barely a week after it began as we were the first to report. However, interested parties may still be able to take advantage of this deal with a little luck and some sleuthing."

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killyourfm3114d ago

I thought this was over 2 weeks ago?

Queasy3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

Read the article. Stores are honoring the deal but only if they have extra stock. GameStop isn't officially advertising it though.

MMFGaming3114d ago

Yeah, the Gamestop at my house said they were still doing it until the 18th or something.

ABizzel13114d ago

I don't really care about upgrading, but I have everything they have, and getting a newer model for $20 is worth it.

Queasy3114d ago

Oh, and completely worth the effort if have a pre-Jasper model.

killyourfm3114d ago

Ooohhh, that's an excellent point...

juanvan3114d ago

Woohoo - going to do this trade up tonight - thanks for the info - even if its a little late