Gears of War: Is This the Big Announcement?

Since Mark Rein posted a thread in the official Gears of War forums informing that Epic Games plans to make a "big announcement" this week, there has been lot of speculation over what such big announcement could be.

Will Epic and Microsoft announce the release of a demo? Will Gears of War follow Shadowrun's steps and become a Live Anywhere-compatible Windows Vista game, offering Xbox 360 and PC gamers the ability to play each other over Xbox Live?

If the "big announcement" is the release date of Gears of War for Xbox 360, then online retailers must just have spoiled the announcement.

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zypher5399d ago

well that sux. if the game'll be ready then just release it. don't try to stall to counter the PS3 launch. Oct. was a long enough wait...but Nov.?

EVER OLVERA5399d ago

Without bashing anyone or taking sides. I'm sure Sony would do the same if it came out last year and there opposition was releasing their game console in the next couple of months. I would think Sony in an attempt to withdraw the attention from the expected release date would entice the masses with releases such as MGS4 and God of War 2/3? Such common Marketing antics? Won't you agree...

andy capps5399d ago

Interesting news, looks like they are setting it up to compete directly with the Wii and PS3 launch. They better hope that it gets great reviews from IGN and all the others. It probably will as it looks like a great game. And to a below poster, no I don't blame MS at all as Sony would do the same thing. I don't think it will affect Sony at launch though as they'll still sell out of all of their launch units regardless.

lammett5399d ago

Judging from all the hype and gameplay videos I've seen, this game is undoubtedly the Halo of 2006. But unless the demo is fully ready to show off the greatness of this game, and by that I mean no technical hiccups, then releasing the demo may not be such a great idea, despite how much I want to play it. The only issue I saw with the gameplay videos were framerate ones that detracted a bit from the experience...just my two cents...


GOW will still boost the sale's of the 360 while the PS3 is sold out, MS doesn't want to be completly over shadowed by the two new console's; thus keeping the consumers intrested in the 360, durring the new console frenzzy.

andy capps5398d ago

I agree, any company would do the same thing. They're trying to take some of the steam out of the competition by launching what they're hoping is the next Halo. It may not take any steam out of the competition, but it may give them a little extra attention and help push some units out the door. Isn't Nintendo trying to come out with the new Zelda game at their launch? There are rumors right now that MGS4 or the new Devil May Cry will be out at the PS3's launch, so this could get very interesting!

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