Forza 3 'World Class Car Pack' Screens and Vehicle List

Ex: Turn 10 continues to grace Forza Motorsport 3 fans with affordable DLC (perhaps a better description would be 'car porn') as this month's "World Class Car Pack" hits the storefront, packing in 10 stunning vehicles for car enthusiasts to test drive and tweak.

The DLC pack is available now for 400 Microsoft Points, and offers some of the world's most sought after performance vehicles from manufacturers like McLaren, Acura, Mercedes, Cadillac, Fiat, Mitsubishi, and more.


Added download for original resolution screenshots for those who don't like the slideshow.

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CrAppleton3023d ago

Nice, good to see they're still rolling out new cars!

Neco5123023d ago

No kidding. It's been out so long now I thought for sure they'd stop

killyourfm3023d ago

It takes time and, in many cases, money to secure licenses for these vehicles. IN addition to that, you should realize that the majority of the cars in this new pack weren't even off the assembly line when Forza 3 shipped.

Dread3023d ago

nice try troll

but you forget tha Forza 3 came out almost a year ago!!!!!

we have been enjoying the game since, and GT5 is not even out yet.

Elven63023d ago

captain-obvious: The game has been out for almost a year now, if all of this DLC was supposed to be on the disc the game would never come out.

Games usually have a sell target that developers need to meet. The Forza series traditionally has sold around 3 million units (not sure what the current one is at) while Gran Turismo has been around 10 million units. One has the foundation to license out all of these cars and make a profit with the disc while the other is more iffy on it.

That doesn't reflect on the quality of either games though, Forza 3 is great and Gran Turismo 5 is shaping up to be fantastic.

Sitdown3023d ago

Out of all those cars in GT5.........which ones are we playing with now? And I say that as somebody who has the collector's edition of GT 5 preordered.

captain-obvious3023d ago

look at all of you PPL talking about time
all I want to say is I rather wait for the full thing instead of buying half of the game now and then pay more for things that I should have in that game day one

R2D23023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

I am one of those person who will be buying GT5 day 1.

But lets be honest what car game would we be playing rigt now and years ago if Froza did not happen? Need for Speed,Shift,Blur :)

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StanLee3023d ago

Turn 10 has really supported the title.

Abriael3023d ago

They "supported" the title as long as the "support" generated additional revenue. On the other hand they didn't care to solve the many problems that plague the game (especially online) and that make it much less than a simulator, and definitely not "definitive".

Definitely a missed chance.

Dee_913023d ago

2010 Mercedes-Benz CL 65 AMG and C63 AMG looks sick as hell lol
i wouldve been had this if my xbox didnt keep freezing :(

Immortal3213023d ago

I shouldn't have to pay for this when the competition is most likely to have these cars day one.

Forza3 have til november, then the game is obsolete.
gt4 been out longer and it still have more cars.(no dlc)

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Neco5123023d ago

Awesome! 400 pts isn't too bad for some new rides

DaRockSays3023d ago

Why can't they be cool and give us stuff like this for free like other games are starting to do?

killyourfm3023d ago

I really can't think of many other games that offered free DLC besides Burnout Paradise. At least Forza 3 has "samples" where you get 1 car of the pack for free.

Elven63023d ago

There is free DLC available, all of the packs come with a sample that basically demos the full pack so you basically get some cars, modes, etc for free.

CrAppleton3023d ago

Cool screens of the new cars! I can't wait to get these downloaded

Queasy3023d ago

I played Forza 2 religiously. I just haven't been able to get into 3 for some reason.

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