Jaffe: PS3 get`s us closer to the Twisted Metal fantasy, games today too serious

Gamereactor TV sat down with David Jaffe to talk about his return to Twisted Metal and what to expect from the new take on this once mighty franchise

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DA_SHREDDER3728d ago

Thank God for Mr. Jaffe. I cannot wait to get my hands on Twisted Metal. Your right, all these devs working on the "realistic" aspects in games. I just wanna play a really really fun game these days. Thats why Ive been playing more ps2 games on my ps3 these days. Just bought Extermination and Mega Man X7. Even my 4 year old son prefers ps2 games over everything else cause they were more about fun than anything.

Chicken Chaser3728d ago

Different strokes for different folks.

Joule3728d ago

I have to agree some games are getting to serious, give us Twisted Metal and bring me back to those PS1 days. Spilt srceen action at its finest.

sikbeta3728d ago

Gaming is a Serious business...

DirtyLary3728d ago

trophy and achievement whoring has become the serious.

Archdemon3728d ago

There's a fine line between serious, fun, and mindless. I don't know where to put twisted metal.

Kleptic3728d ago

Have you ever played any games in the franchise?...Not calling you out, just asking...its definitely not mindless, if by 'mindless' you are referring to a game that takes zero skill or understanding of its definitely is a core game that requires you to be very familiar with lots of different abilities...

but if you meant the games have little back story of any importance...and they are just 'mindless' in a sense of being pointless story wise...thats arguably true...Twisted Metal Black did a great job with interesting character stories...but its no different than a fighting game in this pick your character who has standard abilities, and their own special ones...but the gameplay remains the same...

but many of us would put twisted metal 1 or 2 at the very top of our lists as the first multiplayer games we ever spent hundreds of hours on...for me twisted metal was just an expansion on ideas put in place for SNES mariokart's battle mode...with way more stuff to do, in way bigger areas...and TM2 brought in the first co-op gameplay I had ever tried locally, and it was AWESOME (doom was the first co-op i ever played, but was only online)...its hard to believe that this is the first twisted metal with a real focus on online gameplay (black got it for PS2, but it was almost an afterthought)...because the earlier games screamed multiplayer more than most...

Game-ur3728d ago

Twisted Metal, Tekken and Loaded were some of the first games to make the PS1 stand out and step out of Sega and Nintendo's shadow, I and my brother where blown away by the mature stuff and hardly got out of our room, can't believe we will get to play it once more but this time from our different homes.

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Hacker3728d ago ShowReplies(6)
Maldread3728d ago

But i think it looks fun and will probably give it a run. I havn`t got any racing games yet (i`m considering Modnation though). And GT5 isn`t my type of racing game, so i think TM could be it, along with Motorstorm Apocalypse, which also looked very cool.

Focker-4203728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

It isn't a racing game. You drive around tryind to blow everyone else up. Its like the CoD4 with cars. Its hectic, fast paced, and loads of fun.

Oh and Motorstorm Apocalypse looks excellent.

DORMIN3728d ago

Ahh Car Combat games...
Something this generation of gamers have yet to see and touch. You guys don't know what you are missing out on.

Pick up Twisted Metal 2 on PSN, call up a buddy to come over, look up some cheats online, and have a freaking blast.

Letros3728d ago

Too true, majority of games are far too serious.

Dannycr3728d ago

ban Hacker already? What is he doing posting on the gamer zone when all he does is trolling?

Spenok3728d ago

I dont think he does anything else dude...

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