Amazon $10-$20 Video Game Credit List (Updated 7/13)

"Amazon has recently added a number of upcoming titles to their $10-$20 video game credit promo.

Here is the updated $10-$20 Amazon Credit list:"

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HungPHAT3208d ago

Amazon is the only place I buy games ! You can't beat there deals and game kick backs

Perjoss3208d ago

in the UK i use amazon and, shopto are really fast and sometimes have better prices than amazon, no i dont work for them, i just like them :P

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Trroy3208d ago

spaceinvader, you are one of my N4G heroes, for posting this on a regular basis.

Spenok3207d ago

Nice deals. Though i only use Amazon for when i want to have something with a good deal. I just dont like having to wait an extra 2-5 days after the game releases. So i usually pick up the games i want right away.

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