10 old school classics that are better than anything you'll play today

EX: "There's no nostalgia involved. Each of these games have been replayed recently, and have been found to be every bit as enjoyable as they were when they were first released. While these games probably don't have the high-tech graphics or online multiplayer that their modern counterparts have, they're still guaranteed to deliver a superior experience."

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Neco5123202d ago

I LOVE THE OG MGS! That was the original stealth action! It's a shame they got farther and farther away from the "stealth" though as the series moved on

DaRockSays3202d ago

Yeah that's true, but the action and cut scenes have always been awesome in MGS games

NecrumSlavery3202d ago

Oddworld Abe's Oddysee & Exoddus

That series has some of the best visuals, environments, and an unique story and gameplay style. Unrivaled by anything created today. It's still visually stunning

Blacktric3202d ago

That is not true. You can play any "true" Metal Gear Solid game as a full stealth game. Or you can just run and gun. It's your choice and this isn't changed since the first Metal Gear Solid.

killyourfm3202d ago

MGS hasn't aged well...the nostalgia factor is high, but it's an ugly game now.

Raf1k13202d ago

True it may be ugly but it's still enjoyable to play as I only played it for the first time after getting it off PSN.

table3202d ago

MGS gets more charming with age, the graphics were some of the best for its time and the gameplay was years ahead of its time. If you can't appreciate that then surely you will also degrade todays games for in the future they will be 'ugly' and dated.

Shane Kim3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

Have you even played the later MGS games? They are even better because they give you an option to go guns ablazing or playing it in full stealth. Or a mix if you wish that.

You could even run and gun and go full stealth in MGS1...even the first MG games from late 80's.

EDIT: Wrong reply, should have gone to Neco512

Blaine3202d ago

MGS3 made you wade through a river filled with the bodies of everything you'd killed in the game! If that isn't punishment for killing enemies and encouragement to go stealthily next time, I don't know what is.

(Hell, it took me 40 minutes to get through that river the first time! Actually, I didn't realize I had to use the revive pill, so I had to do it twice--1 hour and 20 minutes of wading through bodies I'd killed! If only I'd known I didn't even have to do it in the first place... :S)

Solidus187-SCMilk3202d ago

I have 6 of those games on this list and they are all great.

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DaRockSays3202d ago

TMNT, I used to play the hell out of that game!

dustgavin3202d ago

Great game but the underwater mine level frustrated me to no end.

Queasy3202d ago

Still hard to believe that there hasn't been another attempt at a Star Wars: TIE Fighter type game.

MagicAccent3202d ago

Yeah, I would buy it in an instant.
But the mainstream audience demand something more simplistic.
They just can't handle a joystick and a keyboard(on which every button has a funtion) at the same time, espeacially in an intense dogfight.
So sad :(

ThatArtGuy3202d ago

I'd LOVE a new TIE or X-Wing game.

poopnscoop3202d ago

typical biased trash from Examiner. Sucking the balls of Sony and nintendo with their lame franchises (Metal Gear Solid is easily one of the dumbest games ever made --it's for psuedo itellectuals and pretentious jerk offs) and doesn't give a single bit of credit to any western developers, namely MICROSOFT or BUNGIE who made the best FPS ever made --Halo.

Screw you.

CrAppleton3202d ago

Agreed about Halo.. Halo definitely needs to be on this list. First FPS that really pulled me into the genre. I was a changed man after playing Halo

zootang3202d ago

Why do people always forget Doom!

table3202d ago

and Wolfenstein... and Half Life

Halo was still great though

hybridtheory123202d ago

Half Life is the best FPS series imo.

Solidus187-SCMilk3202d ago

HL1 is the best fps ever made. HL 1 was INSANE for its time.

Cevapi883201d ago

last time i checked, MS wasnt involved in gaming during the 90's and i wouldnt call the original Xbox old school nor Halo for that matter

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SephireX3202d ago

Halo is a great game but nothing when compared with MGS. Halo's story is retarded whilst MGS had one of the best video game stories ever.

cranium3201d ago

"Metal Gear Solid is easily one of the dumbest games ever made"

I stopped reading right about here.

Letros3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

I was in disbelief when playing MGS for the first time, it was the first time it felt like playing an interactive movie.

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