MOH: Limited Edition Guns

Medal of Honor offers an authentic look into today's war in Afghanistan through the lens of today's warrior, the Tier 1 Operator. Numbered in the low hundreds, this elite soldier is a living, breathing, precision instrument of war. He is an expert in the application of violence. Utilizing weapons such as the TOZ194 and 870MCS Shotguns, players will get a taste of this violence by getting instant access to these two devastating shotguns for close quarters combat with the limited edition of MOH.

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CrAppleton3207d ago

Always nice to have the upper hand online. Shame you always have to pay for it. :P

Neco5123207d ago

Yeah, I like how Bioshock let you buy your way to a higher level. I hate when they do that.

Queasy3207d ago

They'll be DLC within a couple of weeks of release.

Neco5123207d ago

Yeah, but you'll still have to pay to get the advantage, and by then you'll have unlocked better weapons. haha

DaRockSays3207d ago

Eff them other CAGs. You get what you pay for, and sometimes that means a competitive edge

CrAppleton3207d ago

Doesn't matter, after the first week or so these weapons won't be the best out there

BeaArthur3207d ago

Beta is pretty average, not interested.

3207d ago
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