New Xbox Arcade Bundle Coming?

4GB bundle appears on Amazon, due for release in August.

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Omega43018d ago

Add an everyday 16GB usb drive and you got 20GB. This will be the first time the arcade model will actually be worth something.

The sales of this will make the current slim sales look pathetic.

Mr_Bun3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

Speaking of drives, can't wait to pop that old 120 gig from the old 360 onto the new arcade....doh!

AAACE53018d ago

Nice try... but you can get a arcade from target for $130 and get a 30 gift card with it!

Yes you heard me right... Basically an arcade for $100!

logikil3018d ago

I'd still rather get a system with a hard drive in it. MS is still missing the point by not having every system include a drive. This is an old argument but i think it hurts devs not knowing what the base line is for every system. This doesn't exactly help. Though, at least by putting something bigger than 512 MB in there you give devs a little more to work with if they choose to do a lot of caching to the usb stick. Still, i think it kind of sucks.

Convas3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

The storm is coming for both of you. It's just a matter of time now. But I will agree with Omega on the Arcade Slim actually being useful now. If it has the Wifi still in as well, it'll be a great commercial success.

Now the only thing MSFT needs to do is figure out how to price Kinect. At $150, most casuals aren't going to get it, even if the Arcade Slim is $199. What MSFT REALLY should do, is price the Arcade at $149, and then price Kinect at between $70-120 at the most. And a Arcade/Kinect Bundle for $200-250.

Anything other than that, and Kinect'll flop hard.

tatotiburon3018d ago

and why kinect still in the top charts at us$150??

0oAngeluso03018d ago

Kinect is always in the top 5. Even if they sell a Arcade/Kinect Bundle for $299 that's still $100 cheaper then a PS3/Move bundle. Now if they put the bundle out for $250, then that really cuts more into Nintendo Territory then Sony. Because you get an HD console and the casual one for only $50 more then a Wii, plus you can play all the great Microsoft titles.

As for people arguing about the HDD, some people just like to game. They think 250 gig HDD is overkill. To save games and play online you actually need very little drive space. After all these are just video games to some of us.

Convas3018d ago

You make a good point, but I'm still a skeptic when it comes to Kinect, and I really don't think that it'll move the numbers MSFT wants it to, unless it's competitively priced, and I just don't feel like $150 is that golden niche price. But that's just me.

But yes, 250GB is overkill, but I believe that MSFT put it in because they say they want to last another 4 or 5 years, and it's too late in the console's life to switch HD storage mediums, so I think that mandatory installs (Or at least, Optional Installs) are on their way.

Pretty much, they'll have to make the Xbox 360 a computer, installing game, if they want to keep up with Sony. That or the 720, which we know is somewhere in the R&D phase.

0oAngeluso03018d ago

I think the 250 gig HDD 360s that is out now appeals to people who like a lot of media. Download a ton of items and the like. However the Arcades appeal to people who just want to game. it's like the Wii is casual, offers little to no media capabilities and yet sells like crazy. People sometimes clearly just want to game.

For anyone that was on the fence about getting an Xbox 360 because of RROD, well we now know the 360s models have no issues and if an arcade is $199, well that's a great price for an HD console and Microsoft does have a large and nice library of games. Especially if your new to the 360.

Convas3018d ago

Really? How'd you get an Arcade already?

DuneBuggy3018d ago

Yeah I would guess it wont have WiFi either.
Wonder if it will be $149 or $199?

FragMnTagM3018d ago

Why would they take something out that is built into the console now? The hard drive is removable the Wi-Fi is not. The back of the console doesn't even have a spot for a WI-FI adapter to snap onto. Your comment is fail.

DuneBuggy3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

I suppose from a manufactering standpoint, it may actually be more cost effective that all 360S are built the same, the only difference would be what size HD is put in it.
But never said I knew for a fact slick,so I find the "fail" comment a little rude.

Ju3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

360s WiFi module:

It's external, still (not integrated on the MB).

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Wikkid6663018d ago

I'm guess there will be WiFi... Yes, MS wants to make a cheap version... but unlike the old 360s you won't be able to add on the WiFi adapter.

logikil3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

Why wouldn't you be able to add on a wifi adapter exactly? It plugged in via usb, the thing has 5 usb ports on it. What would make you be unable to attach one?


The clip is for aesthetics, it has nothing to do with functionality. If you look at the N Adapter it also has little legs that fold out so you can sit it on it's own.

Zir03018d ago

The current adaptor has a clip on it which only fits onto the back of the old models, so if it doesn't have wifi MS will need to release a new accessory

Major Kanimo3018d ago

um i have wifi for my old 360 and u can plug it in anywhere mine is hanging off the front usb port its not complicated lol

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badkolo3018d ago

if you think ms will add wifi N to the arcade , well then your delusional, sorry if i offended you

gypsygib3018d ago

I'm pretty sure it will have wifi, It's pretty cheap and if ms want those casuals paying a gold fee they can't expect them to go to the same lengths core gamers would to get a video game system online. Moms don't like 30 foot cords running through the living room (I know mine didn't for my 20gig so I had to use an old laptop which sucked for connection) and it defeats the purpose of the Arcade to release it and then make a 70 dollar wifi peripheral. So consider this a disagree.

November 9 20043018d ago

wifi is crap,ethernet is way better and reliable.

Wikkid6663018d ago

My main Box is hardwired... secondary is wifi

FragMnTagM3018d ago

But N Wi-Fi is most assuredly not crap. My ping is higher than nearly every person I come on across on Live. I do agree that ethernet is still the best route, but to say that Wi-Fi is crap is ignorant as it works really well for me. I have a nice dual band N router with the XBOX 360s N Wi-Fi and I have never had a problem.

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