CNET UK Microsoft Xbox 360 Slim Review

CNET UK write: "Microsoft's Xbox 360 Slim offers improvements over its predecessors in every area, with reduced fan noise, a 250GB hard drive and great looks. It's really good value and, with the brilliant selection of HD games available for the platform, we think it's the best console on the market today."

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gypsygib3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

I bought a 360 slim and love it but PS3 is a better value if your paying the same amount of money - it comes with a free blu-ray player and online. The author sounds like a fanboy by saying MS is the biggest player in the videogame Universe, it's obvious that nintendo is and I don't even like Wii but it's indisputable that they dominate console and handheld sales.

Also, alot of people would argue who has the best games but the author seems to think the 360 does - I have more 360'games than PS3 but I've had 360 longer and generally like my PS3 game catelogue better due to the exclusives but that's just my IMO. As a CNET journalist I wouldn't take sides in regards to either system having better games - it's too contentious for a hardware review site. He's a bit of a fanboy