Black Ops Playable Through Internet?

Black Ops might be playable through the internet within a year.

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Blacktric3023d ago

"Black Ops Playable Through Internet?"

Classic GamingBolt retardness again. What kind of headline is this? It should be "Playable Through Web Browsers" not INTERNET.

Spenok3023d ago

Unfortunatly N4G i plagued with terrible headlines.

Shubhankar3023d ago

Yeah, me too, it'll be so cool if it does.

pramath16053023d ago

I already think this is going to be the best CoD game so far.

Shubhankar3023d ago

Really? I don't think so. It'll be hard to top MW and MW2. I mean, Treyarch hasn't been exceptionally good anyway. Okay, WaW was good, but no Treyarch developed CoD game has ever been as good as Infinity Ward developed games. But I sure think Black Ops will be cool! :D

pramath16053023d ago

Frankly, MW2 was trash. I mean, it could have been such a good game. But they had a short and forgettable single player campaign and an online mode that was a bug ridden and glitch laden mess infested by fourteen year olds who like to swear at you over voice chat every time they sneak up at you from behind while also exploiting stupid crap like the javeline glitch,

Shubhankar3023d ago

I don't blame you, many people have similar complaints, and I agree that MW2 was bug ridden and had a forgettable campaign, but Modern Warfare? You have to agree that it is one of the best shooters everm and the best CoD ever created,

TheLeprachaun3023d ago

Cloud computing for the win.

3023d ago
poopsack3023d ago

(looks at title)

Whoa! Online multiplayer in Call of Duty?!!

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