XBLA is a "slaughterhouse" for smaller developers

Hello Games chose to release Joe Danger via Sony's PlayStation Network because the team regarded Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade as a "slaughterhouse" for small developers.

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Quagmire3023d ago

Wow, even indie devs know PS3 is better than 360

Chicken Chaser3023d ago

My Goodness, does everything have to be about fanboy drizzle?!?!?!?

Some of you are sickening!

PirosThe4th3023d ago

lol... I am doubting lately whether to get a 360 or not... really...

The-Tentacle3023d ago

MS is a desease to this industry, throttling the life out of gaming and turning good development studios into bankrupt 'game-cows' to be milked to death. No wonder they have so many deals with activision ¬_¬

iFLOWLIKEWATER3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

ell, PSN is like a desert, really no competition, while XBLA has a TON of software...meaning stiff competition. I mean, does this person think I'm going to buy a PS3 for Joe Danger? Tickle my fancy, lol...

"MS is a desease to this industry..." wow, you need to go back to school and also the ones that agreed with you.

Gothdom3023d ago

"PSN is like a desert"

Really? Oh, you live in 2006.... that explains it.

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120FPS3023d ago

So why is it that live has MANY MANY more games than psn?

Quagmire3023d ago

So why is it that psn has MANY MANY more BETTER games than live?

120FPS3023d ago

Better games that live???? haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaa haaa haaa haaa haaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaa
hold on i need to hold my sides they arehurting that much haaa haaa haaa haaa haaa haaa haaa haaa haaa

lzim3023d ago

it is an older systems with games designed for multiplayer

Spenok3022d ago

120FPS, if you do your research, you will find out that PSN does in fact have better games then XBL. If of course you go by review scores.

Shepherd 2143022d ago

Say what you will about MS, but there is no denying that Sony clearly does not push its arcade game line up as hard as MS does. The Xbox Live Arcade game library has far more titles that consists of plenty of good ones at that.

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HarryM3023d ago

Don't worry Chicken Chaser, he does this to more-or-less every article regarding the Xbox 360 or Microsoft. Just ignore him..

logikil3023d ago

You did read the article right? He said nothing about the quality of one system vs the other. What he said is essentially that there are too many games that release at once on XBLA to have a good shot at getting noticed. Actually to me it's more a backhanded slap at the PSN which I don't think was intentional. He is saying that there is basically less to compete against on the PSN.

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DelbertGrady3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

"XBLA is kind of a slaughterhouse for smaller developers. There's two titles released every week and a lot of those are falling in that 25,000 or less category."

So, XBLA is worse cause it has more games?

I think the real reason that it's not released on XBLA is spelled Trials HD. On PSN they don't have that competition so it makes more sense for them to release it there.

MexicanAppleThief3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Well actually they pointed it out on their interview with Made2Game, when asked about their exclusivity on PSN.

'Throughout it all Sony was always very supportive and cooperative. When you’re small like we are, that helpful attitude means a lot. It’s what attracts so many indie developers to PSN'

logikil3023d ago

I would think it has more to do with this:

For instance, we’re the publisher on Joe Danger, probably the world’s smallest, so we do everything from marketing and testing to getting the game localised. PSN is the only platform that would allow us to do that.

There is a place for this on XBLA, under the indie games section, but those games dont get near the level of backing and have much tighter restrictions on them. So yes, by design XBLA Arcade is a more "restrictive" environment. But that environment has churned out some pretty amazing games, and there is no shortage of additional games on the horizon, so they must be doing something right,

Rainstorm813023d ago

yea soda because god knows there arent any similar games on x360.......

I mean really, do some of you guys think before speaking????

Lucreto3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

There is a big difference on how each company handles its games.

MS let any developer to make an indy game for the machine with good tools but they require a long period of exclusivity. You have to wade through the rubbish games to find the excellent ones. Another thing is that if the game was on the PSN first you need to get a publisher like EA and the likes and there goes your profit. MS is using this to force indy developers to make 360 games first.

"According to Murray, with Joe Danger reportedly breaking even on its first day of release."

That is pretty good considering that the day the game was released the PSN was down for maintainance and there was only a few hours to download it.

MexicanAppleThief3023d ago

It's pretty impressive, and I hope it's still going strong. I haven't bought a copy yet but when my £20 PSN cards comes, I'll make sure thats my No.1 priority. :)

Cueil3023d ago

There is no exclusive deal for doing indie games... maybe I missed that in the EULA when I downloaded XNA, but as far as I know you own that IP and everything associated with it. And why are we even talking about the indie game section... PSN has nothing like it

KongRudi3023d ago

The pub fund is a different type of deal - than XNA.

This is something Sony made, to make it easier for new studios to break into the industry, and get their product out, with less financial risks - when self-publishing.

The basics are that, Sony will match the developers cost dollar for dollar, in order to get the product to market, and in return Sony get a 6 month exclusive PSN-window on that game (either a PSP- or PS3-game).

When the game is released.
Sony get their money back first, before the developer (now publisher) start to get their share of the money.

The benefit for the developer is that they has 50% less financial risk to worry about upfront.
No need to set your house up for mortgage.

They will own the IP they made.
So if they want to sell the game to a publisher, or license it to others, or take it to a different platform, they can.

They can also choose how much they want to sell the game for - on the PSN-store.

It seems like a sweet deal, but it's only available for new studios, I think.

creepjack3023d ago

Oh please, some small developer whose last game sucked is complaining that it's too hard because there is too much competition?

The entire industry is a slaughterhouse to small developers. You either put out top notch product, or get out. The competition is stiff.

How about talk to some of the small developers who made a name for themselves through XBLA and see what they think.

dragonelite3023d ago

I mad3 a game w1th zombies
Sold a lot on xbla first it's 360 has no games no it has to many xbla games.

Cueil3023d ago

has also done really well... some of these guys made in excess of 25k in the first week... of course they get paid quarterly... I'm sure the guy who did I Mad3 A Game W1th Zombies made a nice chunck of money.

ranmafandude3023d ago

i have like 12 games i own for it. games like shadow complex,splosion man,banjo kazooie n64 remake, geometry wars, and trials hd are so good. those are some high quality downloadable games right there.

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