No Added Sugar Review: Skate 3 good at skateboarding, bad at economics.

Skate 3 shows sandbox strengths, untimely capitalist objectives.

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Darkstorn3022d ago

I agree that the 'sell a shit ton of boards' plot was a little stilted, but what else are you going to make a skateboarding game about that hasn't already been done?

I wish the author detailed the 'untimely capitalist objectives' he mentioned in the subtitle. Instead, he just talks about the game's simplicity and asks if a sequel can improve upon the core game.

gcolley3021d ago

the game is flat out boring. they forgot to put all the props around the place expecting you to do it. what if you are just skating around? there is nothing to damn do. then there is the ability to move stuff around in multiplayer... what stuff??? you guys forgot to put anything there to move around.

when you do place stuff it goes all crazy because of the physics engine sucking and just isn't worth the hassle.

and no party play, shame on you. this is the first game in the skate series i would rate as average.