'Can't Be Done On 360' - What Does It Even Mean?

NowGamer: PLAY Magazine News Editor, Jon Gordon, defines the meaning of one of the most over-used expressions in fandom...

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stonecold13108d ago

david cage metioned also about heavy rain the 360 would struggle and nomura is making vs 13 exclusive to the ps3 because hes going further with the graphics and the 360 just cant do and 360 is nearly 5 years now and still dont have a game to top uncharted 1 and most of theres games this year have been running sub like alan wake splinter cell final fantasy but most of those games i metioned are multiplatform

Donny3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

games on the scale of uncharted 2. i have never seen a game come close to uncharted 1 on the 360, let alone uncharted 2, and the sheer size of content in the bluray disk makes epic games pretty much standard given the right developers, and we have alot of them on ps3.

Venatus-Deus3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Where as I do believe that multiplatform games on the 360 will get better and better and will ultimately beat the current crop of PS3 games…

I also believe that the PS3 1st party graphics will also continue to improve at the same rate and will continue to beat the competition for the remained of this generation.

Dragun6193108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Technically PS3 Exclusives such as MGS4, GOW3,Uncharted 2, or Infamous 2 can't be done on Xbox 360, because the game is developed to take advantage of the PS3's Cell processor and it's Six SPE Cores which Xbox 360 doesn't have. So you can't directly port it without sacrificing qualities of the game and you would have to recode much of the game to fit a new platform.

That's why Developers complained about PS3 Development in the beginning because they didn't know how to utilize the PS3 or port from Xbox 360 to PS3 which often resulted with a Sub par PS3 Version for example The Orange Box. Now, it seems Sony's Studio's are showing what the PS3 can do if you spread the game code between its cell and six SPE cores attracting attention from other developers such as Valve which they announced Portal 2 for the PS3 will be the best console version.
You know There is some truth to the saying, "it can only be done on PS3"

vsr3108d ago

1. MLAA cannot be done on xbox.
2. Half of the total PS3 ram runs 3.2GHz as cell. xbox ram runs poor 700Mhz.
3. HDMI 1.3 feasible for 3D gaming. it's not found on xbox
4. xbox can't run Bluray fullHD movies.
5. DTS Master HD sound is not found on 360. .... etc

NOT SURE about "Rage & Crysis XBOX VERSIONs". PC & PS3 versions are superior.

The-Tentacle3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

There has to be a limit to what consoles can do. In the article he mentions rage as a software solution to fix the limited 360 hardware issue but you have to wonder what the true expense of such software is? To me, looking at the Rage videos, it seems like they've done something to the viewing perspective kinda looks like you're viewing the world through wide angle goggles or something.

Bottom line is there have been no massive graphical leaps on 360 since gears and the PS3 continues to surprise us with eye candy and great exclusives.

extermin8or3108d ago

@double toasted yes they do have a better draw distance but with red dead if you turn the cam,era too fast the textures aren't there for a few seconds also uncharteds graphics are better and the style of the game means it is quite hard to get views like you'd find in an open world games.

Proxy3108d ago

Stating the clock speeds is only half the story. It's true PS3 ram is clocked at 3.2 ghz while 360 ram is clocked at 700 mhz, but the 360 has a much wider bus and thus only slightly slower in over all data transfer speed.

The numbers are often misleading. Let the games speak for themselves, and remember cutting edge technology isn't required to make a good game - with that said I return to playing Dwarf Fortress while my PS3 gathers dust.

3108d ago
Ju3108d ago

"more scale than UC2"

Wake me up, when they have UC2 character models, texture resolution and animation system. The only open world game which might probably match that will be inFamous 2.


u, do you know what scale means? That person was commenting about scale and you want to be awaken when other topics are involved? Nah, you continue to sleep, we don't want any worthless drivel coming from you.

Hotel_Moscow3108d ago

nope cant be done on 360

heres some high lights from the posts

"In Heavenly Sword, the Cell enables incredible numbers of enemies to be on screen at one time. The trick is that Cell treats entire regiments as a single unit of artificial intelligence when they are at a distance; as they draw closer, Cell gradually divides the army into smaller and smaller groups, so they eventually become individual troops with unique fighting styles and tactics."

"It's incredible to see huge levels and see the deferred rendering and note that on all the SPU’s, even on the heaviest load were coming up to about 60%," Haynes said. "They weren't coming close to maxing out. .They had about 40% of space before they started tripping or saw slow down on some of the processes."

We’ve solved most of our memory problems by relying on the SPEs to perform compression, both at load-time and at run-time, using techniques developed by ICE, SCEA Tools&Tech and the SCEE ATG group."

"For us, the most exciting part of the PS3 has been the cell processor, the SPUs specifically. In our highest density scenes right now, we are currently using about 30 percent of the SPUs' capabilities--with the SPUs doing lots of heavy lifting for us on rendering, visibility, particle systems, skinning, animation blending, and so on...this with scores of pedestrians, cars, fires, etc., all going on. And the best part? We've not made any significant attempts to even optimize the SPU code. I think it's reasonable to guess we could put 10 times as much stuff on the SPUs and still make our frame budgets. It's really pretty amazing."

Guay also expressed how impressed he has been with Blu-ray and the PS3's hard drive, noting: "The hard drive and Blu-ray are making our life easy considering FC2 is an open world continuously streamed around the player. That streaming bandwidth and disk space is very appreciated."

"Also, Epic isn’t a huge company. They don’t have unlimited resource. We have parachuted in some of our SWAT team of super engineers to help them. Specifically, to optimize for SPUs, which are the point of difference that the Cell Processor has. That process is under way. The benefits that it yields to end developers whether they’re writing exclusive titles or multiplatform titles is that the performance on PS3 goes up exponentially, and it will make for a much better game experience."

"It is hard to fully quantify how much potential the PS3 has. We certainly have a significant amount of untapped SPU power. Even though we moved many of our systems to the SPU's for COD4, we are planning on moving more of the collision and AI to the SPU. We are also investigating doing more procedural animation on the SPU for our next project. Using the SPU for procedural animation allows for another level of interactivity that wasn't really practical on the previous generation of hardware,

This just reaffirms how vital of a role the SPU's are to the PS3. Now that devs are starting to use the cell to perform similar tasks as a GPU would. The evident power of the PS3 is unfolding right before them. This also making the RSX that much more efficient. PS3 games are now going to be setting the bar higher than ever before."

moparful993108d ago

When it comes to scale and draw distance nothing comes close to god of war 3, Period.

gman_moose3108d ago

You're honestly trying to compare Bulletstorm to Killzone 3? Bulletstorm has some interesting ideas on gameplay, but at the end of the day, it looks like a mediocre FPS, which 360 and PS3 are already abundant in. My guess is Bulletstorm sells less than 1 million on PS3. It will only sell well on 360 because 360 owners buy ANYTHING because they have nothing good to play except MW2, Gears and Halo.

D4RkNIKON3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Bulletstorm LOOKS like a 360 game. Killzone 3 LOOKS like a PS3 game. One is multiplat, one is designed to utilize the full potential of one console. That pretty much sums it up now doesn't it.

How come PS3 games are the only ones that have been recently pushing forward with graphics and scale reaching new limits? What 360 games have been raising any bars? Since the release of Killzone 2, Uncharted 2 and God of War 3, name ONE SINGLE 360 game that has come out since then that can even be mentioned in the same sentence.

ZootALarz3108d ago


I believe Valve's reasoning for Portal 2 being best on PS3 was really just Steamworks, since MS has blocked them on that -- not graphics.

ZootALarz3108d ago


>implying Killzone 3 won't be a mediocre FPS


Also, this:
>because they have nothing good to play except MW2, Gears and Halo.

The 360 has both exclusives that are fun and non-exclusives that are just as fun as their PS3 counterparts.

>my face when I realized that you guys can't stop drooling on DAT TRIPLE long enough to realize this

ChickeyCantor3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

"Technically PS3 Exclusives such as MGS4, GOW3,Uncharted 2, or Infamous 2 can't be done on Xbox 360, because the game is developed to take advantage of the PS3's Cell processor and it's Six SPE Cores which Xbox 360 doesn't have"

So what if these games were made for a tripple core system( each of these cores having HT technology)?

Im sorry but you are just talking nonsense.
Im not defending the 360...but talk like that makes me laugh.

Just depends on how dedicated the software is written for each system.

But in the end people pretend 360 games are ugly. They are just fine as is. People are spoiled like hell.

darthv723108d ago

the game was owned by sony and would never appear on ANY other platform not just the 360. Like seeing mario in a 360 or ps3 game would only happen if nintendo went software only like sega. Now you see sonic on everything instead of remaining true to his roots.

Performance, quality....there will always be compromises on a miltiplatform title. If the fundamental basics can be achieved then the notion of "never" sort of goes out the window. MGS4 could be done. Uncharted could be done. Even killzone could be done because all of those games are made by other companies. With the right tools and talent they could make the games work on the 360. Differences would be present but that is typical from one platform to another.

God of war...that is an example of a game that could never be done on the 360 because it is made by sony themselves.

Dance3108d ago

uncharted 2 is corridor shooter

N4g_null3108d ago

Ok holy Moscow where does it say on neo gaf that we can stop making sub 30 frame persecond games.

He is only organizing code and experimenting with get more done on the spu yet no where does he talk about the cost speed wise for doing such things.

Seriously you can do any thing in software yet when you don't assign a frame rate or preformance rating other than usage your or just saying your code is not totally maxed.

Any thing that can run faster and better doesn't leave 50% of it's power untapped.

I really wished some of you guys would try game development just so you can see how things work. All of this hype about spus when the hd5000 cards have hundreds of processors that actualy can handle code on their own.

Another thing is why do poeple claim that they can not do the same tricks on the tri core with hyper treading? I guess no one talks about it. It doesn't sound cool or it doesn't hype up the myth of the cell.

That's cool have your fun guys.

IdleLeeSiuLung3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

I think the idea that something can't be done on the 360 is just bullshit blanket statement. Let's face it, what aspect of a game can't be done on another console?

If anything, it is just the fact that a certain design choice is not suitable for another console making it difficult. It's like retro fitting a Windows application for Linux....

Doesn't mean the same results can't be achieved, but rather porting the software design is difficult (if not impossible) to carry over. There will always be some small exceptions to this, but I doubt any of them would matter.

Any software developer knows this, gamers most likely NOT!!!

HolyOrangeCows3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Well, the Xbox 360 is still churning out sub-HD expansion packs from second parties.

"Can be done" isn't the same as "will be done"

PS3 has. 360 has not.

I'll bet you're the same people that said "LOL PSTREE HAZ POTENTIALZ SO WAHT?" and now you talk about potential like having potential means that it happens with the flick of a wrist.

PLAYstar3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Yea, only PS3 exclusive games gets to talk!
Leaving your PS3 piling dust? You sounded like you are one f*cking poor broke-ass beggar who is waiting for the day you could ripped PS3 games, like the one you're currently playing.. dwarf fortress.. You want Tetris? Come dig my garbage bin its free. I'll also bonus you with a banana skin..

Nobody said 360 games look ugly. Just that when you compare them to the masterpiece of PS3 exclusives.. That's when they look ugly. Yea we are spoil brat, which is why we opt for THE BEST!

Saying that a day the 360 games would look exact of a PS3 games is like saying leaving a dog sh!t there for 1min would turn into a gold. It's IMPOSSIBLE!

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ssipmraw3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Marcus Fenix polycount of 15-20000
Nathan Drake polycount of 80000

ps3 wins

edit: most movies use less polygons than uncharted 2.... quite shocking

3108d ago
jetlian3108d ago

shrek 1 used 800,000 and fight night round 3 had 3 million on each character

bomboclaat_gamer3108d ago

this is what gaming has come to

counting polygons and who wins

stb3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

True, tired of numbers there for xbox and polygons here for ps3, but keep the entertainment guys, pretty neat.

Great, ps3 has more power, xbox sold more, end of the story.

rwarner1743108d ago

"this is what gaming has come to

counting polygons and who wins

Since I did my thesis on developing graphics hardware on FPGAs I can say counting polygons and coming up with ways to increase the number of polygons on a screen at one time can be quite fun.

I am sorry you have no interest in the time and effort that goes into creating a realistic gaming experience. Especailly from the hardware side.

That to me is what is sad.

ZootALarz3108d ago

>mon visage when polygon counts are used to gauge the quality of games and consoles

Sony3603108d ago

Googling polygon counts. Do you feel cleverer having done that now?

You know it takes more than polygon count to make a game look good, right?

If you had any idea about game design you'd know this, so quit pretending like you do.

"It can't be done on the 360" is just another fanboy term. The same can be said for the Ps3 with some 360 games, particularly upcoming ones.

Of course though, all that matters on N4G is which has the more persistent fanboys. Which is the Ps3, so I'll be showered with disagrees no doubt.

AK463108d ago

Polygons do make the game look better but it won't make the game play better. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out, duh!

What ever can be done on the 360 can be done on the PS3, only a fool will say otherwise.

You'll be showered disagrees because you have no idea of what your talking about.

DaTruth3108d ago

""It can't be done on the 360" is just another fanboy term. The same can be said for the Ps3 with some 360 games, particularly upcoming ones."

It's always upcoming games, until the upcoming games become current games and suddenly it's 540p, bad textures, 5 hour gameplay and PS3 fanboys are the worst for rubbing it in!

HolyOrangeCows3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

"this is what gaming has come to
counting polygons and who wins

You're in the comments section of an article about abilities of game consoles.
Sorry for discussing game console ability in an article about game console ability.

You know what, Napoleon? If you don't like it, YOU CAN LEAVE!
You kids come in here complaining about the subject matter like you were dragged into clicking this article by wild horses!

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n4gno3108d ago ShowReplies(4)
Venatus-Deus3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Double post

NastyLeftHook3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

said it well there dude. bubs for you

vsr3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

PC > PS3 (oneBD) > xbox (3-4 DVD)

Sony3603108d ago

I base this on absolutely nothing.

kevnb3108d ago

clever marketing, nothing else.

Sez 3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Agreed. But fanboys hang on every word Sony/MS feeds them. Sad really

Edit: maybe these dev's or PR reps should say something more believeable like. " it can only be done on one disk for ps3" that would be more true then this marketing BS.

moparful993108d ago

There's alot of truth in this statement. While the GPU on the 360 by itself is superior due to its main die and daughter die setup with up to 6xAA built in the ps3 can utilize one of the 6 SPE's on the cell to handle graphics processing. This is the key, the cell processor has a trick hidden up its sleeve that allows it to surpass the 360. It's ability to allocate processes to each individual core means that when a developer takes the time fully utilize the cores the amount of computation on the ps3 is 8x that of the 360. But because of the nature of multiplatform development most third party developers just use the single core on the ps3 which results in lower performance on the ps3. But one only needs to look at the first party exclusives to see exactly what the ps3 is capable of only 4 years into to it's life.. Imagine what kind of games we will have 4 years from now..

DORMIN3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Borderline ignorance for those saying otherwise and think both hardware are at the same playing level.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages but its clear the PS3 is the more advanced console. It paid its price with the steep launch price and later release date, but its evening out.

MLAA and BluRay alone is something that obviously 'can't be done on the 360' aside from the multitude of things. For those who still don't know what MLAA is even so many people are mentioning it, its a technique thats only usually done on high end PCs yet 4 years into the PS3s life developers managed to use this powerful technique on the PS3.

EDIT: @moparful: Beat me to it. ;)
Its not necessarily ONLY first party developers. The Sabotuer was actually the first game to RELEASE with the Cell's unique MLAA technique, technically even before GoW3 actually.

N4g_null3108d ago

Mopar that trick you talking about comes with a few penalties. First the spu bandwidth gets saturated when trying to share data and since the on board memory is so small you have to guess what keep copying data over and over and some times you even have to wait for a cell to finish what it's doing to get that code or data.

It's all great and actualy works better on pc gpu out now yet your stuck struggling to get more than30 frames.

I mean really you can get a ti calculator to run cool code also yet at what cost.

We are seeing the cost in Sony exclusives sure the art may be good but I hate to say the hardware really holding back these teams and this is also true for the xbox.

Yet a ps3 with a better memory sub system would be a system I would be excited about because we can play at over 60 frames a sec.

Seriously guys get a cell emulator and play with it. Get you comp sic professor to get Sony to lend them a ps3 dev kit and you can see it for your self.

I'll leave you guys with this even intel had to abandon a software driven model of gpucpu hybrid because nothing replaces dedicated hardware with a really fast memory subsystem. Also Rambos ram was first used by the n64 and old pentium chips nintendo upgramed to SRAM which is also in the 360. Look this stuff up guys. Have a better debate and who knows you might meet some smart guys and start up your own thing?

Back in the day gamers made our games now copy cats do. Know the pros and cons.

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WeaseL3108d ago

They are strugling to keep up with the PS3.
This is why MS are now focusing on the casual Wii market.
You won't here Nintendo saying "Can't Be Done On 360".

raztad3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Article is putting to much faith in unreleased games, as usual.

Crysis 2 has not been running on top of a xbox360 yet but on a PC with "xbox360 settings". You dont know how the actual game will actually look once it gets to run on the real hardware.

Rage is a plain game with nothing going on for it, besides some nice textures. Still the game is in development and you dont know what can be scaled back.

My impression is the PS3 is much more capable in terms of physics calculation, particle effects, post-processing and a lot of more things that involve using the Cell. While the xbox is really good pushing textures at screen.

AW, for example, in order to use post-processing and lightning had to to scale back the resolution to almost SD levels. While KZ2 does that, and much more, w/o breaking a sweat.

candystop3108d ago ShowReplies(2)
MNicholas3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

The PS3's GPU's raw shading capability is sufficient to run Gears of War and Bioshock at maximum settings at better than 720P.

The cell processor does more than just help with basic rendering. It also does shadow map acceleration, anti-aliasing (up to 16x) and post-processing (such as depth of field), which are the biggest drags on any GPUs performance.

This effectively doubles the GPU's shading capability. In some cases, the "boost" provided to the GPU appears to be even greater than double.

That's why games like Uncharted 2, God of War 3, Killzone 2, and GT5 are visibly far superior to other games on any console while also being extremely dynamic.

Add to that the massive capacity of Blu-Ray, the upgradeable HDMI spec (already far superior to the 360s), 7.1 audio, etc. and it becomes obvious that when it comes to raw performance, there's no comparison.

This doesn't mean that the 360 can't do good games with good graphics and there'll always be unoptimized (particularly on the PS3 with it's extremely complex architecture) or even ugly games on any platform. It just means that the best on the PS3 will be vastly better than the best on the 360. And so it is.

raztad3108d ago

OK. I like your post bro. Have a bubble on me.

A question: Do you think eventually if devels can offload everything possible on the SPUs, games with KZ3 - level fidelity can reach 1920x1080 at 60fps?

Games like Wipeout HD, SSHD run flawless on 1920x1080 @60fps but they are not the best looking games on the PS3 by any means.

gravesg3108d ago

1080P games with KZ3 fidelity aren't possible due to the lack of memory, video and ram.

the cpu horse power is there, its just that 1080P textures take 1.5x more memory. and inside the ps3 512 total, just isn't enough for complicated games to do 1080P. as for the cpu though, hell when they were demoing the "cell" back in 2006, i think they did something like 16 1080P streams on it.
it really is an incredible cpu, i can't fathom what ibm and sony has up their sleeve for ps4

i have no doubt that when ps4 arrives, 1080p will be the standard.

Trroy3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

@raztad: Nope. True 1080p, for games with the complex shader ops of shooters like KZ3, will have to wait for next-gen. When it comes down to it, the GPU has to do the shader work and fill the screen buffers, and the SPUs can't really help there.

The memory concerns gravesg mentions are also an issue.

Just means there's room for PS4 someday. =)

N4g_null3108d ago

You do know most of what you said is done on the rsx right? The spu simply polute the framebuffer to produce after effect effects and then call is differed rendering. That same idea is built into the xbox frame buffer.

Yet with all that help and intakes power we still don't have an engine that can run most gameplay at over 30 frames a sec?

You know then we have the resolution issues also.

Sony knows it's fan well though. That's good. I never though gamers would put up with such low frame rates and game play.

The creation of I'd tech 6 and the new crytek engine will push every one harder and be more of an asset to gamings 3rd parties that need more horse power with out sacrifice.

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Inside_out3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

The reason they say it can't be done is because the PS3 exclusives live in a pre-rendered world. The games in there current state would not fit on a DVD. In terms of graphics and game play the PS3 exclusives fall short of the 360. The AI, graphics and physics on 360 can't be duplicated on the cell because as Steve Jobs said, " the Cell is to slow " and is why there are no cells on the Mac product line and why Sony is dumping the Cell next gen. PS3 fans in denial. This gen is coming to and end, so is the cell.

PS3 exclusives are 75% pre-rendered...UC2 you can't open a door without a cut scene...GOW, HR, MGS...C'mon spend more time watching than playing. I got a question...where's all the 1080p, 60fps, 50hr game time, 100's off intelligent AI Sony promised 5 years ago...exactly.

This video here shows why...I would love to see ND or Guerrilla duplicate this demo with there game couldn't be done. Only on 360. The cell is good for pre-rendered movies and using the GPU to study stars going in, that's about far anyways.

BTW...Valve's Gabe Newell was right..." by the time you get a decent engine running on the PS3, this gen will be over "...yes Gabe, words of wisdom, even if you are trying to get all those PS3 guys to join

stuna13108d ago

And it's name is, "cez of rage"! The sad thing is you actually believe that garbage you spout. I guess Alice has made another friend in wonderland, lol.
OT: Optimisation is the key to unlocking the potential of each console, but also the architectures are vastly different, meaning in order to utilise what a console can do you also need an engine that is able to showcase those potentials! Sonys first party developers have ground built engines, Microsoft developers for the most part rely on mostly 3rd party engines or, middleware that closely mimic the pc architecture.

IRetrouk3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

lmao at you and gears, uncharted 2 is the best game on consoles to date and gears 3 still dont look anywhere near it. theres nothing wrong with the ps3 being more powerfull than 360 dosnt mean im gona have less fun on my 360, grow up and get out of your mums basement.

tinybigman3108d ago

i can see why you have only 1 bubble. are you a fellow american? because only my fellow americans would act in such a manner to defend an american product made in china.

on topic
isn't it impossible for PS3 games using the SPEs to run on a 360 because they don't have SPEs? i don't see why this is such a big deal.

TotalPS3Fanboy3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

"I would love to see ND or Guerrilla duplicate this demo with there game engines..."

Naughy Dog owned that demo with Uncarted 1.

Uncharted 1 - Gameplay Explosion

Gears of War 2 - Gameplay Explosion

Uncharted 1 - Polygon and Texture from Gameplay

Gears of War 2 - Polygon and Texture from Gameplay

"Steve Jobs said, 'the Cell is to slow'"

Steve Job's words got owned by the amazing graphics of the PS3. Which should I trust, the amazing graphics I can see and play it myself or the words of Steve Job?

"The cell is good for pre-rendered movies..."

The Cell is so good, and the graphics of the PS3 is so incredible that you can not tell the difference anymore, and you thought Uncharted 2 is pre-rendered.

The only thing pre-rendered about the PS3 is Microsoft's E3 presentation.

athlon7703108d ago

You are such a tool!

You can't come up with anything better than trying to downplay and spread dis-information.

Apple did not switch because their new OS at the time "Snow Leopard" is not PowerPC compatible.

PS3 exclusives are not pre-rendered, in fact, opposite of what you would state, almost all of the cut scenes on the PS3 are done in real time proven by the character you play has whatever clothing you have chosen to wear in game. Why as a matter of fact, the one game you would think was "pre-rendered", MGS4, allows you to control your character during its cut scenes.

The sad truth of it is you are so bent on slinging mud that you are missing out on some truely spetacular games. Having both the PS3 and the 360, I know from first hand experiance what the phrase "only on a PS3" means. Shame you are so deep in the mud you can't join the rest of us gamers.

You are the sort that give even the 360 owners a bad rap!

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Independent_Charles3108d ago

im not gonna comment for my bubbles sakes

tinybigman3108d ago

i can see that this hasn't gone down well with some people

SaberEdge3108d ago

It's true there are certain things that can be done on the PS3 that can't be done exactly the same way on the 360, but there are also things that can be done on the 360 that can't be done exactly the same way on the PS3. This is because both consoles have their strengths and weaknesses.

I do wish Microsoft would invest in more first party development so that we could see more games that really push the 360.

BattleAxe3108d ago

When I play Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, the fan on my PS3 goes crazy fast at if it were on the 360, it would probably Red Ring after about an hour of playing that game.

ImmortalLegend3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

I love how PS3 fanboys go on and on about how graphically superior their games are. As former owner of both systems, the PS3 graphics are not that much better as to where I'm like, "Wow the 360 graphics are just horrible...I'm never going to play it again." That's what PS3 fanboys makes it out to be. Sorry guys, I'm still enjoying my "less superior" console.

heroprotagonist3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

That's right. There is hardly any difference at all between the two. I'm completely baffled by people who act like there is some major difference.

Heisenberg3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Cutting edge tech that generation. This gen, my opinion is that the games coming out for the PS3 are far superior in scale and graphics, and luckily, most of the developers utilizing this tech are producing games with great stories and production value as well. When I look at the best of both systems, the PS3 has far better to offer, that doesn't make me a fanboy, if MS' next system blows Sony out of the water, I'll jump ship no problem, I go for the best bang for my buck every gen.... This gen the most bang lies with the P S 3, IMO. But since I disagree with you I'm automatically a fanboy right?

ImmortalLegend3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

If you offer a sensible argument like that then there's no problem. Most PS3 fanboys just act like the 360 has Wii graphics or some shit like that when the difference is nothing major IMHO. I've owned both consoles and have played all the highly proclaimed games and actually have a right to come up to this conclusion. Most fanboys just pull shit out of their ass to justify their console of choice. But hey, since you're getting defensive maybe you are one otherwise you wouldn't have to end your statement that way.

Heisenberg3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Well, come on dude, you talk as if anyone who's of the opinion that the PS3 is a superior electronic is grouped in with these fanboys, that's my point. It gets annoying when nobody can have opposing opinions without being accused of being a fanboy. I wasn't being defensive, just a healthy hint or sarcasm to send the point home.

Bottom line, you weren't addressing anyone specifically, just people who feel the PS3 is superior etc.. It's just a little irritating cause everyone calls everyone on the other side of the fence a fanboy, when in reality, we're just gamers with different tastes, the real fanboys aren't the one's who feel the 360 or the PS3 is superior, they're the douche bag trolls like GRoL and Cold who live to annoy.

Anyway, you maybe shouldn't throw the word around so much, like your last statement, where you basically say: well maybe you ARE a fanboy, cause I didn't like your last comment... Things like that are childish, I'm not a fanboy, I'm a 24 year old man, who puts very little importance in video games, I love playin them, but they're nothing to get upset about.

WLPowell3102d ago

After Killzone 2, Uncharted 2, and God of War 3 was released and seeing GT5, I do laugh a bit whens someone raves about how the graphics on most multiplats or 360 exclusives look like it's something never before seen. Yeah it looks good, but Mario Galaxy 2 looks good too... Just sayin.

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Heisenberg3108d ago

It means there's a discrepancy in regards to space and processing power. This message will self destruct....

avengers19783108d ago

To be honest games like Mass Effect 2, Gears 3, and Even Halo:Reach look pretty good so IMO 360 has what it needs to get the job done. That being said God of War 3, Killzone2 not to mention KZ3, uncharted one and two are far beyond the what the 360 has been able to do. Plus Blu-ray disc give developers pretty much unlimited potential...that's why we're starting to see two or more games coming out on one Blu-ray. New Medal of Honor plus frontline, for the same price as the 360 disc that will just have the new game.