‘I assure you that piracy is coming to consoles’

Though the PC market is often seen as the biggest victim of piracy, industry veteran Louis Castle has today issued a warning that no game platform is immune to hacks.

”Piracy is not exclusive to PCs, I assure you it is coming onto consoles,” said Castle, speaking today at the fifth annual Develop Conference.

And though systems such as the PS3 have managed to fend off the practice of piracy, Castle believes that it is merely a matter of time before the barriers are broken.

”I used to be a hacker in my very early days, so I know anything that can be made can be hacked,” added Castle.

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HarryM3201d ago

I'm pretty sure it's already on consoles. I've heard of chipped Xbox 360's that can play pirated discs and chipped PS3's...

greeneggsnsam3201d ago

Yeah, but it's nowhere near as big as on the PC. The PS3 is actually relatively pirate-free at the moment, too.

Pedobear Rocks3201d ago

All the consoles except the PS3 are already hacked....maybe that is why he 'used to be a hacker'.

HarryM3201d ago

I'm pretty sure the PS3 has been hacked before. Heck, Sony had to remove the use of OS just because one person managed to exploit it..

jjesso19933201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

the ps3 has never been hacked to play back games for short while you where able to run emulators off the xmb but did not last long.

Hacker3201d ago

True words ps3 time is coming lol.