Rumour: Star Trek Online to go free?

Cryptic's Star Trek Online MMO could well adopt a hybrid model of free-to-play and optional subscriptions in the future, hints dev Daniel Stahl.

The executive producer says the studio must take note of Turbine's success with Dungeons & Dragons. Free-to-play is a "robust way to demo".

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ReBurn3072d ago

Gosh I would get so addicted if it were free.

Intermission3072d ago

ehh, I would probably check it out again if it did go to a F2P model, The game needed alot of work and the "crafting" was a joke. I played it when the game went live, but there wasn't enough to keep me interested.

3072d ago
Sashamaz3072d ago

They cant compete in that market they have to go free

sonicsidewinder3072d ago

hopefully it'll let people branch out. WoW is a good game, but there are others that are just as good, but they lack too much of the main ingredient in the MMO recipe; players.

Sashamaz3072d ago

But I think there are many MMOs that are better than WoW, its just that WoW has taken over so much of the market that people have become completely oblivious to the fact that there are other MMOs out there besides WoW.

moe843072d ago

I don't really think ST:O will go F2P anytime soon. Although it would be cool for the first day, until everyone jumps in and ruins what is already crappy game play. Ship battles are cool, but that's all the game has imo.

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