New PS3 Exclusive Super Robot Wars Title to be Announced at TGS

Super Robot Wars 20th Anniversary Edition is rumored to be a PS3 exclusive and may be announced at TGS 2010.

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lalalala3020d ago

I don't mind Gundam games, but I wonder if this is even any good. I've never played a Super robot wars game before. I guess it being exclusive to a platform is a good sign, hopefully it looks good and has a lot of effort put into development.

Quagmire3020d ago

Wait, isnt it this game?

Cloudberry3020d ago

Both are different titles but same genre; an SRPG + robot themes.

I'm sure this new Super Robot Wars title is different with Another Century Episode R.

ranmafandude3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

it's like a strategy rpg gundamn with crazy ass combos lol.

Baka-akaB3020d ago

Another century code is a serie of action games . It's a (surprisingly very good) crossover serie mixing up all the great mecha franchises .

SR taisen is a serie of tactical rpg

gaffyh3020d ago

@1.1 - That one is the new PS3 exclusive from FromSoftware, I guess it is similar, but the FromSoftware one has mechs from Code Geass in it as well, so I suspect it will be better.

RageAgainstTheMShine3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Most of the Super Robot Wars games from NES to PS1 had English patches,
don't know about the PS2 ones. But I have been waiting for this news for a year already. Like Final Fantasy, Tekken, Metal Gear Solid, etc. the main SRW series are the staple of PlayStation since PS1 and it is almost assured that PS3 will be having this. Its just a matter of time in 2011.
Hope it also has PS Move support.

Just like Another Century Episode R this is an import game for me.

I finished the SRW games relying heavily on my little Nihongo knowledge and Gamefaqs of course. Like some of us here there is an elite army SRW game translators that has covered this series through the years so game guides & forums will never be a problem with this kinda of game.

English version is almost impossible ....but then again who knows ...

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Cloudberry3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

If anyone familiar with Japanese robot theme kinda stories in anime / manga, but never played Super Robot Wars before, just think of it like a huge and awesome crossover between them.

Kinda like Gundam + Evangelion + Voltes V + Mazzinger + Macross + Eureka 7 + Code Geass + etc.

One of it's interesting point of this series is, their stories intertwined each other.

It's amusing to see Lelouch interact with Amuro Ray, Shinji Ikari, & others / how Nu Gundam supports Mazzinger defeating the Angel Ramiel.

But unfortunately...

Just like any previous Super Robot Wars titles, which is only in Japanese...

There's a 0,1% chances of this coming in English......... >_>

Correct me if I'm wrong, but...

The only English release of Super Robot Wars, is the spin-off Endless Frontier for Nintendo DS, localized by ATLUS.

Dragun6193020d ago

Well, Lets hope Atlus picks this up then, with the recent success with publishing PS3 Exclusive Demon's Souls and 3D Dot Heroes, it looks like it could have a chance. We should request it when they post again in the ps blog.

Baka-akaB3020d ago

we wont see it anytime soon , even with atlus involved . Too many licenses involved .

Even big companies like capcom struggled with tatsunoko rights , and this is a far worse situation

dredgewalker3020d ago

Yeah, I've never played one in english and I am very grateful to the people that put out the translations cause its a real pain trying to upgrade and equip units not understanding what your supposed to do. I doubt the younger generation would appreciate the old school giant robots. It also takes hours to finish off a boss cause they are super tough and they mostly regenerate. God I miss playing it.

Redempteur3020d ago

yep it's a lost cause

now go back practise your kanjis !

this serie is just a mecha fan cross over dream

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3020d ago
ranmafandude3020d ago

bring this to america. jrpg and mech fans want this cause i know i do lol.

Calm Down Sunshine3020d ago

Ah bugger.

I thought it was ...

3020d ago
Nugundam00793020d ago

Its going to be awesome! and they should try bringing original generations (NOT the BASTARD DS games) im talking OG proper.

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