BioWare to "explore" Move and Kinect

GamerZines writes:

In a recent interview co-founder and VP of BioWare Greg Zeschuk has revealed that his company is looking into the potential of motion control improving future entries in the Mass Effect and Dragon Age series.

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Forbidden_Darkness3204d ago

Dragon Age 2 + Move = one happy PS3 owner who intends on buying Move.

Blacktric3204d ago

Was thinking about the same thing right now. And they might add Kinect support for Mass Effect 3 for playing mini games like decrypting or hacking. I wish Mass Effect also released for PS3 though. Playing it with Move would be a great experience considering how SOCOM 4, a TPS game, works great with it.

jjesso19933204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

Pc is your friend you can allready use wii controller with all pc games and I can see the same happening with move. so you will able play mass effect 3 with move

PirosThe4th3204d ago

I really hope once Move gets released, someone makes drivers for Pc. I swear that would be just epic!

zeeshan3204d ago

When it comes to the Mass Effect series, I realllyy hope they explore some other engines or tech than the Unreal Engine 2. I mean that sh** is getting old and they could do a whole lot better with something different. Bioware are extremely talented devs and they can deliver some stunning stuff with some new tech (software realted).

Game-ur3204d ago

i vote for the CryEngine

Cold 20003204d ago

Nope they already said a while ago that they'll be sticking with UE3.

IdleLeeSiuLung3203d ago

Yet, ME series is among the best looking games on the 360 right next to Gears of War series!

XxxstarwarsfanxxX3204d ago

I hope it has to do with Mass Effect 3

xxLuckyStrike3204d ago

Mass Effect 3 Will be Kinect enabled!!!

Game-ur3204d ago

Doesn’t Kinect lock up 20-30% of the 360's power? would they do that to hardcore games just to feature the device?

FragMnTagM3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

It would be reasonable to assume that a game that only uses the Kinect would take up more processing power. But a regular game that has some Kinect interaction should not take as much power away from the game.

Or maybe it could only use the processing power when it needs to. Typically in those games you go to a separate screen for hacking, e.g. Bioshock, Mass Effect, Resident Evil (Door, locker codes), and so on. It would not be too hard to put up a static screen like that and use the Kinect for that moment.

It could also be used during cutscenes to move your character out of harms way in slow motion.

There are many things that can be done to not make the core game suffer.

HarryM3204d ago

If Bioshock 3 was to have Kinect they'd probably make you hug one of the Little Sisters as part of the game. XD

leila013204d ago

Bioshock is published by Take2, not Bioware. A friend of mine makes the same mistake all the time as well. lol

Megaton3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

Don't you dare get Move or Kinect anywhere near Mass Effect 3.


TheLeprachaun3204d ago

Well I think the galaxy map could by cool with Kinect.

FragMnTagM3203d ago

It would most likely be an option, not a requirement. Quit spazzing out.

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